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NieR Reincarnation: All Black Bird Locations In Chapter 9

The birds of this chapter will fear your coming!

Nier Reincarnation is a hit amongst mobile players around the world and is bringing many of the console and PC players to use your phones to play. This new addition to the franchise has managed to bring a lot of excitement to many gamers and fans of Nier. Now, I know you already know all this, so let’s talk about something you want to hear about: the black birds hidden throughout the chapters. Here is where you’ll find them!

Locations of the Black Birds in Chapter 9 – NieR Reincarnation

The number of birds is 4, as in all other chapters. I know, shocking!

The first birdie can be found when you’ve almost reached the 1st story statue, on a column to the right that is holding the bridge above. It’s pretty easy to see.

For the second birdie, when you reach the bottom of the spiral stairs, you will see the bird right next to you on the left. Another easy one to get.

The third bird is a bit harder to see, since it’s a bit higher than normal. When you enter the room with the 3rd statue, you will see it on the right, up on a column.

You can see it clearly in the picture below:

As for the fourth one, you will see it just before you reach the 4th statue. As you pass the bridge there, you will see it on the big wall in front.

And you’ve managed to get all the birds and bonuses that you get with them! Good job.

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