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NieR Reincarnation: All Black Bird Locations In Chapter 7

Find all these hidden birdies!

The Nier franchise has taken the gaming community through many beautiful adventures in the last few years. Nier Reincarnation is another example of the good work that the people at Applibot are doing. But I know you’re not here to hear me praise the franchise, you’re here to see where the black birds are in Chapter 7! So, since we know exactly where they are, let’s share our knowledge and help you guys out!

Locations of the Black Birds in Chapter 7 – NieR Reincarnation

There are a total of four birds in this chapter, so let’s get them!

The first one is right before you reach the first statue. If you look to the left, down on a stone bridge thingy, the bird is sitting there. One down.

Before you reach the second statue, there will be a big column on the bridge you’re passing. Right after it, there will be a tree where the bird is chilling. Two down.

As you try to reach the third statue, you will teleport through a black stone. On your right, you will see a bird really close to the screen, right next to you. Three down.

The last one is right after the third statue. This one is a bit harder to see, so we’ve attached a picture.

You can see that it’s right above the archway.

And now you can go on your merry way to the next chapter, with all your birds collected!

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