NieR Replicant’s Rework: How to Play as Papa Nier

Want to play as the virtuous Papa Nier?

Papa Nier is the main character of NieR Replicant. Even in the previous version of the game, in other words, the regular release of NieR Replicant, you could play as Papa NieR in the 15 Nightmares DLC. Things are quite interesting now, as you can play as the father very easily. For those unaware, Papa Nier is the virtuous warrior that is determined to find a cure for his daughter. His power is extraordinary, and you can now play as him!

How to Play as Papa Nier in NieR Replicant

To play as Papa Nier, you simply need to play the 15 Nightmares DLC. The reason why it is so much easier to play as the father today, is because the DLC is free, and available to everyone.

The stage isn’t too big, and you won’t get to play Papa Nier for the whole game, but this gives players a different perspective to his story and power. It is only this way that one can see the pain and suffering in his eyes, and ultimately, the determination to find the cure for his child.

On a side note, NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139, or the remastered version, has all the DLC unlocked and free for all the players!

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