The Damaged Map Quest Walkthrough – NieR Replicant

A game full of challenges.

NieR Replicant’s rework features a ton of in-game side content. Compared to the main missions, the side missions and quests are also filled with challenges and danger. The Damaged Map quest is one of them. You can get it from the Blacksmith in the village, and since you get a weapon as a reward, it is crucial for unlocking the other endings to the game as well. But you do have to travel here and there to complete the Damaged Map.

Walkthrough: The Damaged Map – NieR Replicant

  1. You will find the Treasure Map in the library in the village, on the second floor. Just look for something on the shelves to interact with.
  2. Now, go to the Strange-Thing shop, to decode the map that you found in the library.
  3. Here’s where to get the ingredients that the merchant asks of you:
    • Machine oil – this one, you can get from a specific dungeon called the ‘Junk Heap’ factory.
    • Eggplants – best way to get it is to buy it from the grocery store in the game, but you can also farm it from a farm.
    • Goat Hide – eliminate and carve goats.
  4. Go to the Strange-Thing shop and interact with the shopkeeper. You will then have to make your way to the village’s Blacksmith.
  5. Upon arrival, you will interact with his wife, and she’ll as you to find a treasure. Get it from the Lost Shrine, but more specifically, the second floor.
  6. Make your way to the Blacksmith’s wife yet again to obtain the Hair Ornament from her. After that, go to the merchant at the Strange-Thing shop, and get a Gold Coin for the Ornament.
  7. You can exchange the Gold Coin for a Treasure Map at the Blacksmith. To decode the Map, you will have to travel to the library, where the NPC Popola can do so.
  8. It will be a map of the North Plains. Once there, look for an unfinished bridge. The Labyrinth’s Shout will be shining there!

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