Omini X: How To Complete Waybig Quest & Farlands Location

You’ll have to fly way far to get the Waybig transformation.

Thanks to the newest update for Omini X, you now have to visit a new Farlands location and complete a short quest to reclaim the Waybig transformation.

It’s a very simple quest, and it has no fighting. However, it can be a bit of a pain to do due to how it works. The Farlands are also very true to their name, being at the edge of the galaxy or something!

But fret not, we’ll make things simpler for you. Just read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about reaching the new Farlands location and completing the quest for Waybig.

How To Complete Waybig Quest | Farlands Location

Omini X: How To Complete Waybig Quest & Farlands Location

The quest to unlock Waybig is surprisingly easy to complete, as you just need to reach the Farlands location. They are located at the following coordinates: 1.000.000, 25.000, 1.000.000.

In-game phone settings

You can check your current coordinates by using the in-game mobile phone in the bottom right corner.

Configurations icon

Just go into Configurations and turn on the Coordinates toggle!

Coordinates Toggle

You’ll now see your current coordinates on the left side of your screen, which makes reaching the Farlands a tad easier.

Now, there are some things to keep in mind first.

One is that the Farlands are true to their name, they’re extremely far away! You’ll need to use a combination of flying transformations (like Ultimate Jetray) and a Hoverboard to reach them.

While flying toward them, try your best to not lose your altitude. It’s the second number on your coordinates! Drop too low and you might suddenly die.

The other thing to keep in mind is that the Farlands disappear from the server once one player completes them. They only reappear after a server reset!

If you don’t see a floating island to land on once you reach the coordinates, you should join another server.

Flying to the Farlands | Omini X: How To Complete Waybig Quest & Farlands Location

Ideally, we recommend using a private server for this. Just to make sure nobody else beats you to the punch!

Additionally, you should also be Level 1500. While some players report that they completed this little quest before Level 1500, Omini X’s developer stated that it’s intended for Levels 1500 and higher.

Strap in for a long journey, too. Flying to the Farlands alone takes a minimum of 15 minutes. With all that in mind, it’s now time to fly off toward the Farlands!

What to do in the Farlands

Found the Farlands | Omini X: How To Complete Waybig Quest & Farlands Location

Once you finally reach the coordinates for the Farlands, you’ll see a floating island in space like the one above.

Toku Star DNA prompt

Land on it and you’ll find an interactable item called “Toku Star DNA”. Transform into any alien form you want and interact with it.

Now, there is a very small chance that you might get a boss fight. If this happens, you’ll need to defeat them before the next step, though they’re an easy enough fight.

If you don’t get the boss, you’ll instead fall into a void. This also happens after you defeat the boss. Either way, it’s a ridiculously long drop!

Purple Mist in the dark void

While falling, transform into a flying alien or use your Hoverboard. Then, look for a purple mist and fly toward it.

While inside the purple mist, check your Omnitrix and you should see that you now have the Waybig transformation!

Save Icon in phone

Now, pull up your in-game Phone again and press the Save icon. It’s the one shaped like a floppy disk, in the middle of the bottom row.

After saving, just remove the transformation or put the Hoverboard away. Just continue falling into the void, now!

Waybig transformation remains unlocked after death, if you saved

Once you finish falling, you will most likely take fatal damage and die. Your Waybig transformation will remain unlocked, though!

Additionally, if you’ve purchased the Gamepass, you’ll also get the Dark Waybig transformation.

Nonetheless, that’s all you need to do to complete Waybig’s quest and reach the Farlands location in Omini X. Time to fly up and get your massive alien transformation!


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