Omini X: How to Control Alien X

How can you take control over this powerful alien in the game?

As a Roblox game heavily inspired by the Ben 10 franchise, Omini X features all sorts of aliens that you can transform into. Just like in the show, some aliens can have a mind of their own, and this is the case with Alien X, who can be particularly hard to control due to its multiple personalities. In this guide, we will show you how to quickly gain control over this alien!

How to Control Alien X

Before we begin, you should make sure that you have gone through the long process of unlocking Alien X. If you haven’t done this yet, check out our guide on how to get Alien X in Omini X first!

Simply put, you have a very low chance of being able to control Alien X whenever you transform into him. More often than not, you will be sent into a different realm that looks like outer space, where you can speak with two large alien heads.

This is reminiscent of how Alien X works in the source material, and unfortunately, if you find yourself in this black void with the big heads, that means you were unsuccessful in controlling this form.

When this happens, all you can do is wait for your battery to run out before you can try again. This takes way too much time, though, and there is a faster method of retrying the transformation.

Omini X player failing to transform into alien x

Faster Way of Controlling Alien X

Instead of waiting for another chance to transform, what you can do is leave the experience and immediately re-enter. Depending on how fast your device and internet are, this whole process can take just a couple of seconds.

Once you have logged back in, simply try to transform into Alien X again. If it fails, then just repeat the logging out and re-entering process until you can successfully turn into Alien X.

Omini X player successfully transforming into alien x

One thing to note is that this is temporary. After you run out of battery, you will have to try your luck again in order to transform into Alien X once more. It is a huge hassle to do every time, but it’s worth it because this alien is really powerful.

It also has an ultimate form, but this will also require a lot of luck. Basically, even if you have successfully become Alien X, trying to shift into its ultimate state has a large chance of sending you back into the void with the two heads.

And that is everything you need to know when it comes to trying to control Alien X in this Ben 10 fan game. While you’re here, check out our guide on all of the raids in Omini X, so you can start grinding them using this insanely powerful alien!


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