Omini X: How To Get Alien X Guide (Updated)

Here’s the updated way to getting Alien X!

How To Get Alien X Guide

In Omini X, you’ll be obtaining many different Alien transformations with unique powers and abilities. As you progress, you will eventually obtain the Alien X character. This is an extremely strong transformation that can one-shot almost anything as long as you gain control of it.

Omini X’s newest update has added another different way for you to obtain Alien X. By obtaining the new Alien X Key item, you can also get the Alien X transformation. In this updated guide, we will show you all the different ways you can obtain Alien X in Roblox Omini X.

How To Get Alien X Guide (Updated)

To get Alien X in Omini X, you will need to obtain the Four Infinity Map Pieces. These are unique items that are distributed in four different locations around the map.

The second method of obtaining the Alien X is through finding the Alien X Key. This is a key that you can find on a planet, next to the Omini Tower Entrance.

Four Infinity Map Pieces

The first way of getting Alien X is by collecting all the Four Infinity Map Pieces. Keep in mind that you’ll want to collect all of these pieces in one server. If you disconnect, or change to another server, you will have to start all over again.

Before you obtain the Alien X, make sure you are level 190 as it is part of the requirements. Next, you will also need to acquire the Recalibrated Omnitrix.

Here are the locations of all the Four Infinity Map Pieces:

  • Underground Castle: 1st Piece
  • Moon: 2nd Piece
  • Hot & Cold Planet: 3rd Piece
  • Green Spaceship: Challenge & 4th Piece
Omini X Map Piece

If you are looking for a detailed explanation of how to get the four pieces, read further below!

The Map Pieces can be picked up by other players, making it difficult for you to gather all the Map Pieces. To solve the problem, you can always buy a private server for 80 Robux, which can help you save a lot of time.

Castle Location – 1st Piece

First, you’ll want to go to the Gas Station. Then, you want to become an alien that’s intangible like Ghostfreak. After that, fly all the way underground.

Omini X Ghostfreak

On one of the islands, you will be able to find the Castle. Inside the Castle, you will be able to find the first piece of The Map of Infinity. Make sure you go back to the base form to pick up the item.

Omini X Castle

Moon Location – 2nd Piece

For the second piece, you’ll want to turn into a fast, flying Alien. You can use Jetray, which is a great Alien for flying. At the end of the park, you will be able to see the road just like in the image below.

Then, fly in the direction that we have drawn for you. Keep flying until you eventually see the Moon.

Omini X Flying Direction

Once you have reached the moon, make sure you fly downwards so you can see the area with an Igloo-looking building. When you go inside, you’ll be able to find the second piece of the Infinity Map.

Omni X Igloo

Hot & Cold Planet Location – 3rd Piece

For the last piece, go back to the original location where you started. This time, head in the opposite direction by turning around. Do the same and fly toward the direction we’ve drawn for you.

Omini X Flying Direction

As you fly, you will see many planets. You’ll want to look for the farthest planet away from you. In the image below, you’ll see how the planet looks.

Omni X Farthest Planet

That Planet is the Hot & Cold Planet. There, you will see a small temple with the last Piece of The Map of Infinity.

Remember to go back to the Human base form so you can pick up the map piece.

Omini X 3rd Piece

Green Spaceship – 4th Piece

After that, head towards the hot area of the planet. Then, turn into Jetray and fly over the red mountains. Keep flying in the direction that we have drawn for you.

Omni X Flying Direction To Green Spaceship

As you fly, you will see a green airplane/spaceship. Next, land on top of it and turn back into the human form.

Then, use a hoverboard and go under the spaceship. There will be a small area with a timer you can interact with to enter. To interact with it, make sure you have all three map pieces.

Once you enter, you will need to go through 100 rooms and defeat the last NPC. After that, the game will teleport you to the Alien X area where you can scan the DNA and obtain Alien X.

Omini X Enter Challenge

After a short while, the game will teleport you to another different server. You will now be in a room full of squares. Your task is to find the secret door on each floor (There are 100 floors).

Keep checking each square and see if you can interact with it. On interacting with the square, the secret door will open. If you see a guardian spawn, it means that you have successfully gone up 1 floor.

Omini X Secret Door Challenge

Keep doing it until you reach the final floor. On the last floor, you will find the last 4th Piece. After that, the game will teleport you out of the area.

Remember to type /save in the chat to save your progress.

Omni X Final 4th Piece

After a short while after picking up the last piece, you will teleport again to the green spaceship. This time, there is the Alien X next to you.

Next, enter the code /omnitrix code 001 and jump into the void. After you have jumped off the map, you will teleport to spawn and you’ll now have the Alien X.

When you type the /save and /omnitrix code 001 commands, try to type them twice just to make sure the game registers your commands. You do not want to fail to receive the Alien X due to some random in-game bugs.

Omini X Green Spaceship

Alien X Key

In the newest Update, you’ll also be able to obtain a new item called the Alien X Key. The Key can be found next to the Omini Tower Entrance on a planet.

If you are lucky for detailed steps on how to get the Key, check out this Alien X Key Guide! This guide will provide you with the navigation tips for you to get to the planet.

This Key allows you to unlock the Alien X without having to collect all Four Infinity Map Pieces. If you are lucky, it can save you a lot of time.

However, the Alien X Key has a 2% to spawn per server, making it an extremely rare item to get. This is the quickest way to get the Alien X, but also the hardest way since it relies heavily on luck.

Omni X Aliens X Key Location

Alien X Showcase

Once you have obtained Alien X, you can transform to the character and start using it. However, you will only be able to control the Alien X if the eyes turn green. You have a 1% chance of successfully controlling the Alien X.

If the eyes turn red, this means that you have not managed to control Alien X. To try again, simply go back to the human base form and transform one more time. Keep repeating these tips until you are able to control the Alien X.

Omni X Alien X Successfully Takeover

One punch of the Alien X can one-shot most Aliens in the game with his punch, which is extremely overpowered. This makes the character one of the Aliens you can use in Omini X.

Omini Alien X Punch

Another cool thing about Alien X is that he can also fly. This makes the Alien X an extremely flexible choice as you can move around by flying as well as attacking enemies.

Omini X Flying

With the Alien X, you can also teleport to the location of your cursor. This makes you extremely mobile and hard to predict in different fights.

Since you have a one-shot punch, you can teleport next to an enemy and punch them. Doing this makes Alien X unstoppable.

Omni X Alien X Teleport

Alien X’s final skill lets him create huge explosions that deal high damage to enemies. Since it is an explosion, it can be difficult for enemies to avoid the big AoE damage effect.

Omni X Alien X Explosion

Those are all the ways for you to obtain Alien X. Overall, this character is very strong for you to use with access to different useful utilities. However, taking control of the Alien X may require you to try multiple times before you can start playing.

To move around and obtain all the items you need, you may want to have the Aliens with the flying abilities. If you’re looking to get them, take a look at this All Alien Guide & Showcase. Once you know how to get all the Aliens, you’ll be able to do this very easily.


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