Omini X: How To Get Ultimatrix + Tips & Tricks To Win Raid

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Omini X: How To Get Ultimatrix

We’re going to about the Ultimatrix in Omini X and how to get it. The Ultimatrix is a cool upgrade that not just changes the appeaarance, but also gives them new moves. But steps to get it may not be so obvious in the game, so we’re going to explain everything you need to get it.

Also, here’s a guide on all alien forms and how they look if you’re ever curious. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the guide.

How To Get Ultimatrix

The Ultimatrix gives you access to 3 new Ultimate aliens: Swampfire, Humungousaur, and Echo Echo. They all come with new designs as well as new moves!

Basically, in order to acquire the Ultimatrix, you must collect two parts which are the Bracelet and the Core. You must go to two different locations, as well as participate in the Ultimatrix Raid to get the complete version. I’ll be providing tips below on how to easily complete the raid.

Step-By-Step on getting the Ultimatrix

The first requirement is to reach Level 500 which is necessary for specifically one of the steps. For that, you might be interested in the fastest way to level up in Omini X. Once you’ve acquired the required level, below are the steps on where you need to go to get the Ultimatrix:

  1. We begin with procuring the Ultimatrix Bracelet. To get it, you need to run along the road near the shoreline and stop at the train track, you can also fly your way towards the location.
The train track leading to the Ultimatrix Bracelet.
  1. Next is the Ultimatrix Core. You need to go in the general direction as shown below and fly to the outerworld. This is going to quite the long fly but you’ll eventually reach another planet.
Where to fly to the planet.
The general direction you should fly into.

The Ultimatrix planet.
The planet you need to reach.
  1. Go behind the Omnitrix building (as shown below) and find the entrance. Grab the Ultimatrix Core here once you’re ready because it will start the Ultimatrix Raid that you have to win.
    • TIP: If you lose the raid, you’ll lose 20 levels. So, it’s good to have more than Level 500 when trying to take on the raid.
Entrance to Ultimatrix Core.

Tips & Tricks on Winning Ultimatrix Raid

Now, for the mechanics of the Ultimatrix Raid, it has x10 waves, and lasts about 30/40 minutes. Waves 8 and 10 are the hardest, as the enemies are the fastest here.

You can’t use the hoverboard. That’s why I recommend that you equip yourself with an extremely fast alien with two attacks. Some good examples are:

  • Rath: X: 50 damage, C: 90 damage
  • Blitzwolf: X: 40-45 damage (I forgot exact value), C: I forgot exact damage too.
  • Feedback: Z: 100 damage, X: 100 damage, C: 90 damage

After winning it, you’ll get the Ultimatrix. It’s important that you go /save, so you don’t lose your progress. Now, it’s time to rock the new aliens and show them off to your friends!

Using Blitzwolf to win Ultimatrix Raid in Omini X.

Ultimatrix Aliens Showcase

As mentioned above, unlocking the Ultimatrix gives you 3 new aliens. You’ll get the ultimate versions of Swampfire, Echo Echo and Humungousaur.


The Swampfire basically has 3 different types of beams that ranges in distance and width. It also changes color theme from red to blue.

Swampfire showcase.

Echo Echo

The Echo Echo is an Android-like alien that can shoots out a sonic beam and the Sonic Doom that deals a lot of damage. The Echo Echo can also freely fly.

Echo Echo alien showcase with Ultimatrix.


The Humungousaur gets even bigger and is now gree with armors. With it, he also deals a lot more damage on a much wider range. Additionally, he has rocket hands to decimate everything in front of him. He can also send projectiles to blast an area that one-shot people.

Ultimatrix Humungousaur shooting from rocket hands.

Jetray, Big Chill & Chromastone

There are also 3 new ultimate transformations: Ultimate Jetray (becomes much faster, new abilities), Ultimate Big Chill (becomes red, and stronger, of course), and Ultimate Chromastone (much more powerful abilities). For more details, make sure to check out our dedicated guide for the added Ultimate aliens!

And that’s everything on how to get the Ultimatrix in Roblox game Omini X! Looking for a guide on Recalibration? We’ve got your back here on how to do just that! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.


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