Second Piece: How To Get Shadow Dagger & Showcase

“Knight Killer and Baruka’s Dagger.”

Second Piece: How To Get Shadow Dagger & Showcase

One of the best features of Second Piece is that you are able to equip yourself with different specs and weapons. It’ll depend entirely on your preference and playstyle. If you’re interested in acquiring the new Shadow Monarch Dagger from the known Anime, Solo Leveling, I got you covered. In this guide, I’ll show you everything you need to know to get the Shadow Dagger in the game. Meanwhile, if you’re also interested with the new Kamish Dagger, we have a guide for that one as well!

How To Get Shadow Dagger & Showcase

In order to get the Shadow Monarch Dagger in Second Piece, you’ll have to craft it on the Blacksmith located around the Autumnal Archipelago using the following materials:

  • 1 Red Shard
  • 1 Blue Shard
  • 25 Iron
  • 5 Diamond
  • 1 Shadow Monarch Recipe

After crafting, you’ll acquire the [Sealed] Shadow Monarch’s Dagger. Simply equip it to get the actual Shadow Monarch Dagger, all ready for combat!

Shadow Monarch's Dagger in Second Piece.

How To Acquire Shadow Monarch Dagger Materials

As mentioned above, you must first collect all the materials or requirements in order to craft the Shadow Monarch Dagger. Just a heads up, there will be quite a grind in order to get them. I’ll talk about all of them more in detail below!

Red Shard, Blue Shard & Shadow Monarch Recipe

You can get the Red Shard, Blue Shard & Shadow Monarch Recipe from the King Trial Raid. It spawns every 15 minutes and has around 20% spawn rate.

  • Red & Blue Shard – Drops at Waves 5, 10 & 15. However, we currently have no idea about its spawn rate.
  • Shadow Monarch Recipe – Drops at Wave 15 and has a 2% drop chance.

For more information about the King’s Trial Raid, it features 15 Waves, 15 minutes, Infinite lives, and a 30-second spawn time mechanic. Moreover, the time remaining increases for each completed wave. As for the enemies, feel free to refer to the list below:

  • Shadow Soldier – These are the basic mobs that you encounter in the raid.
  • Shadow ____ (Miniboss) – You can only spawn this miniboss by using the following Specs/Weapons:
  • Shadow Lord (Boss) – Drops Red & Blue Shards. You can only spawn this Boss by using the following Specs:
  • Umbra Knight (Boss) – Drops Red & Blue Shards. It uses Kamish Dagger.
King's Trial Raid in Second Piece for  Shadow Dagger materials.

Iron & Diamond

Now, to acquire Iron and Diamond in Second Piece, you’ll want to get yourself a Pickaxe and mine. Yeah, it’s one of the most common mechanics in videogames and if you need help with that, of course, I’m here.

In order to mine in Second Piece, go to the Cursed Isle, either by teleporting or flying. Then, find the Mining NPC named L8E5 on high ground of the island. Talk to him to get a free Pickaxe. However, make sure you’re Level 4250.

Afterwards, equip the Pickaxe by pressing M. Then, go to any safezone and start clicking to mine! You’ll find items like Gold, Iron, and Diamond. The more you mine, the better your chances of getting rare items and as well as levelling up your Mining Skills, which means faster mining. So, just keep clicking!

Mine NPC in Second Piece for Iron and Diamond material for Shadow Dagger.

Shadow Monarch Dagger Showcase

Now, the Shadow Monarch Dagger has a pretty good ability set, as well as good DPS and combat potential. I’ve provided a list below, which showcases the abilities, their damage output, cooldown, and other useful information like duration/startup time and more. Feel free to refer to get a good grasp of this strong and F2P weapon!

  • [M1] Deals 28,691 damage with the final hit at 28,693.
  • [Z] Azure Dash: Strikes 7 times dealing 25,501 damage each, totaling 178,507 damage.
    • Cooldown: 7 seconds
  • [X] – Cross Slash: Inflicts 127,501 damage.
    • Cooldown: 5 seconds
  • [C] – Dagger Rush: Executes 15 strikes dealing 25,502 damage each, summing up to 382,530 damage.
    • Cooldown: 15 seconds
    • Duration: 1 second with invincibility frames
  • [V] Fatal Strike: Delivers 89,251 damage.
    • Cooldown: 3 seconds
    • Startup time: 0.5 seconds
Fatal Strike move of Shadow Monarch Dagger in Second Piece.

Summing things up

And that’s how you can get yourself the Shadow Monarch Dagger from Sun Jin Woo (Solo Leveling) in Second Piece. It’s one of the strongest weapons right now, so make sure not to miss out! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Up next, do you wish to get every spec in Second Piece but don´t know how? Worry no more because we got you! Check our detailed guide here: How To Get Every Spec in Second Piece


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