Once Human: How To Craft Bronze Pickaxe

Time for a pickaxe upgrade!

Once Human How To Craft Bronze Pickaxe

When gathering materials in a survival crafting game, it’s always great to have the best tools for the job. Some games give you bonuses for better tools while others lock high-level materials behind tool restrictions. So, you’ll want to have the best ones you can get!

In Once Human, your main tool to gather resource nodes is the Pickaxe and it can come in different materials. You’ll need the right pickaxe to get the better materials in the game to craft high-tier gear. So, you’ll always want to try and get the best pickaxe.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can craft the Bronze Pickaxe in the game. We’ll show you how you can unlock the recipe for it as well as how to craft it. Now, let’s see what we’ll need to do to make this pickaxe!

How To Craft Bronze Pickaxe

If you want to get better materials in Once Human, you’ll need to get better tools. One of the early-game tools you can make is the Bronze Pickaxe, and it’s a bit tricky to make for new players. Here’s how you can craft them so that you can start mining for better tools!

These are the steps that we’ll be taking to craft a Bronze Pickaxe in the game:

  1. Unlock the Bronze Crafting Memetics.
  2. Craft Bronze Ingots.
  3. Unlock the Bronze Pickaxes Memetic.
  4. Craft a Bronze Pickaxe in the Supplies Workbench!

This article continues with a detailed walkthrough down below!

Detailed Walkthrough

Before you can craft a Bronze Pickaxe, you’ll need to get the recipe first and get the necessary materials. Go to your memetics menu and then head over to the Infrastructure tab. From there, you’ll want to research Bronze Crafting and then Bronze Pickaxes.

To get to these memetics nodes, you’ll need to research the previous ones like Smelting Essentials and Copper Pickaxes.

Once Human Bronze Pickaxe Recipe
Make sure that you have enough points to unlock this one!

Now that you have the right recipe you’ll need to gather the materials, especially the Bronze Ingots. You’ll need to smelt some in the Furnace and each ingot will need the following materials:

Craft around 7 Bronze Ingots before you continue.

Once Human Furnace Crafting
Start crafting them as soon as possible, they can take some time!

Now that you have all the Bronze Ingots you need, you can then go to a Supplies Workbench and select the Bronze Pickaxe recipe. To craft the tool, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 5 Logs
  • 7 Bronze Ingots
  • 1 Hide

Once you press the craft button, you’ll then need to wait a few seconds before you can claim the Bronze Ingot. Now that you have a better pickaxe, try to gather more resources with it!

Once Human Craft Bronze Pickaxe
Now you can craft a better pickaxe than that copper one you have!

That’s how you can craft a Bronze Pickaxe in Once Human. Now, go out there and try to craft one yourself! You’ll need to craft a lot of Bronze for this one so check out our How to Craft Bronze Ingots Guide for more details!


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