Typical Colors 2: Movement Guide

These tricks will give you more mobility in battles!

Typical Colors 2: Movement Guide

In Typical Colors 2, you will be able to participate in intense fight to be the first team to obtain the objective. You will need to fight the enemy team with tons of weapons to choose from! Play as an offensive, defensive, or support role to help your team win to victory.

To achieve your wins in this Team Fortress 2 inspired game, you will also want to know more about movements. Knowing how to move properly allows you to save more time and makes you more unpredictable to your opponent. In this guide, we’ll show you how to do the AirStrafing, B-Hopping and Strafe Jumping.

Movement Guide

Since the release of the summer update, many of the players has gone confused about the new movement system. In order to do an Air Strafe, you will not want to press W or S as you turn. If you hold one of the two keys, they will cause you not to go side ways, making you turn slower.

Here’s your exact way of doing it. When you are jumping or airborne, you will want to press A (if you want to go to the left) or press D (if you want to go right). Do not press S or W while jumping since it will be considered as a failed airstrafe.

Typical Colors 2: Movement Guide

Your next movement is Strafe Jumping. This is relatively similar to Airstrafe, with the only difference including blast jumps. Only a few classes are able to do blast jumps, which are Trooper, Anni and Arsonist.

Just like Air strafing, you do not want to press W or S since it will cause you to sometimes lose your critical ability on the market gardener or caber. While you are Strafe Jumping, you can U-Turn. A U-Turn consists of pressing on a bind (A or D) that you want to go either left or right and make a 360.

Typical Colors 2 Strafe Jumping

B-Hopping stands for blast hopping, which is the last move in this guide. This move his been changed due to the update. Instead of keeping your velocity by damage or air blasts, you now keep your velocity and speed after a perfectly timed jump.

Typical Colors 2 B-Hopping

That is how you now perform your moves differently now in the summer update compared to the past. In the future, there may be more updates like this so it is best to always stay updated. How about going into a practice ground and try out these moves? Practice makes perfect so keep trying and remember to not press S or W as you do some of the moves.

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