Once Human: How To Use Butterfly Guide

Having a hard time to understand how the Butterfly works? Let me help you out!

Once Human: How To Use Butterfly Guide

While playing Once Human, you may have had encountered the Butterfly’s Emissary, which is a Combat Deviation in the game. There are many types of Deviation that you’ll encounter as you progress further, but it’s still important that you learn how to use them as early as encountering the Butterfly. Each Deviation provides certain benefits and in order to use them, you’ll have to summon the Deviations. If you’re wondering how to use the Deviation, I’ll show you everything that you must follow!

How To Use Butterfly Guide

In order to activate and use the Butterfly in Once Human, you’ll have to first go near and interact with the Isolated Securement Unit to deposit the butterfly inside (It’s the same for other Deviation/s). For reference on what it looks like, it’s like a glass box with a butterfly flying inside as shown in the image below.

You’ll encounter Isolated Securement Units during the tutorial or when establishing your territories in the game. To deposit the Deviation into one of these units, players need to approach the Isolated Securement Unit, press “F” to interact with it, and then right-click on “Butterfly’s Emissary.”

NOTE: If you turn out to not have an Isolated Securement Unit on your territory, you’ll have to build one yourself. In order to do that, press “B” to open the Build Menu, then right-click to navigate. In the Build Menu, go to the “Facilities” tab, select “Function Facility,” and choose the Isolated Securement Unit under “Special.”

Isolated Securement Unit to deposit butterfly in Once Human.

After that, you’ll go to a user interface as shown in the image below. To proceed, select Sync to Cradle, which will move the Deviation inside the box into your backpack (the Cradle). Shortly after, you’ll see the butterfly flying around on your bag.

Sync to Cradle to put Butterfly on your backpack in Once Human.

Now that you have the butterfly on your person, the next thing that you must do is hold the designated button (E for PC) on the lower right part of your screen next to your gun. Doing so will open a small radial selection menu on the middle-right part of the screen with the following options:

  • Designated Target – Basically manual aim; you’ll have to select where you want your butterfly to make action (can be combat).
  • Auto Attack – Opposite of manual aim; you won’t have to do anything, and the butterfly will take action on its own. Only downside for this option is that you might end up wasting power.
  • Total Power – This shows 100/100. Upon using your butterfly, it will slowly reduce back to 0, and when that happens it’ll automatically come back to your cradle to recharge. However, you can make it come back much earlier if you want.
Radial Menu for the Butterfly Deviation in Once Human.

After using your butterfly, re-select the designated button (E for PC), to bring back the menu. Here, you can change the mode from Manual to Auto-Attack; and vice-versa. As well as select Recall to Cradle if you want to bring back your butterfly earlier and avoid wasting Power.

Use Recall to Cradle to recharge Butterly Deviation in Once Human.

And that’s everything you need to know in using the Butterfly in Once Human. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. We’ll try to get back to them as soon as we can. Up next, why not check out our guide on how to get a motorcycle in Once Human? It’s a must-have in the game if you want to make exploration easier!


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