One Fruit Simulator: All Jack Frost Accessories Locations & Buffs Guide

Where can you find all of these items in One Fruit Simulator?

One Fruit Simulator is a Roblox experience that is heavily inspired by the widely popular anime and manga series One Piece, and it is regularly updated with new content every now and then.

With the New Years Update of 2024, a new boss called Jack Frost was added to the game, and that means that there are also new stuff to grind for. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get them!

All Jack Frost Accessories Locations & Buffs Guide

Simply put, in order to get the full set of Jack Frost accessories, you will have to beat the aforementioned boss until you get all the pieces.

The boss can be found on the new event island (Christmas), which is directly behind the starter island. He spawns beside some of the Good Elves, who also give you various quests to complete.

One Fruit Simulator jack frost

Jack Frost respawns around ten minutes after he has been slain, and he has a very small chance of dropping one of the following items:

  • Jack Frost Armor (0.5% chance) – Increases Defense by 10%, Speed by 10%, and Stats Gain by 5%.
  • Jack Frost Visor (0.5% chance) – Increases Sword Damage by 15%, Speed by 10%, and Stats Gain by 5%.
  • Jack Frost Cape (0.5% chance) – Increases Damage by 10%, Defense by 5%, Speed by 10%, and Stats Gain by 5%.

In order to get the whole set, you will need to be incredibly lucky, so if you want to get it before the event ends, you’ll have to start grinding as soon as now!

One Fruit Simulator jack frost fight

And that’s pretty much everything you need to know about the Jack Frost accessories and where to get them in One Fruit Simulator. The update is relatively small, but the set that the developers introduced is insanely strong, and you should definitely try to get it if you can!

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