One Fruit Simulator: Awaken Sand Fruit Location & Showcase

Check out this brand new upgraded version of the Sand fruit!

One Fruit Simulator has released yet another update that added some new stuff. Its new additions include some more awakened fruits, such as an upgraded version of the sand fruit. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get it and what it’s capable of!

Awaken Sand Fruit Location & Showcase

In order to awaken the sand fruit, you must first head over to the Desert Island. Once there, find the Alligator Raid NPC on the upper part of the island. This raid is where you can get Sand Essence.

In order to enter it, you will need keys that you can get from the boss that is standing just ahead to the right of the Alligator Raid NPC.

One Fruit Simulator alligator raid npc and the boss standing behind it

Basically, you will have to keep grinding for Sand Essence until you have at least 106 of it. This is the exact amount needed to fully upgrade the sand fruit.

Once you have the necessary number of essences on hand, go to any Fruit Awakening NPC and complete the evolution process in one go.

One Fruit Simulator player standing in front of a fruit awakening npc

Awakened Sand Fruit Abilities

The awakened sand fruit has a kit that is heavily dependent on short range area of effect attacks, making it great for grinding. It has the following abilities:

  • Sand Pesado (Z move) – The user throws a projectile that explodes on impact and deals damage in a small area.
  • Sand Spikes (X move) – Spikes will pop up all around the user and deal damage in a large area.
  • Desert Flight (C move) – Basic flight ability that gives you some decent mobility.
  • Sand Storm (V move) – Gusts of wind form around the user and deals constant damage for a few seconds.
  • Sand Vacuum (B move) – The user creates a large vortex of sand around them that deals damage for a few seconds.
  • Sands of Time (F move) – Similar to Sand Spikes, but without the spike effect.
One Fruit Simulator player casting the new sand storm ability

And that is everything you need to know about the new awakened version of the sand fruit in this game. If you are looking to get some of the other new fruits in the game, check out our guide on One Fruit Simulator’s Buddha fruit.


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