One Fruit Simulator: New Buddha Fruit Guide & Showcase (Rose Kingdom Update)

Awaken the power of Buddha!

Devil Fruits are the main items you are going to use to defeat your opponents in One Fruit Simulator. The game already had so many good fruits, and now one more fruit is on the list. With the new Rose Kingdom Update, there is a new devil fruit called Buddha Fruit. In this guide, we are going to take a look at what it offers you.

New Buddha Fruit

The Buddha Fruit is a mythical zoan-type fruit that is added to the game with the Rose Kingdom Update. It requires you to pay either 1069 Robux or 12.50M Beris to purchase it. Therefore, we can say that it is not really that easy to obtain it.

One Fruit Simulator Buddha Fruit showcase

Buddha Showcase

The Buddha Fruit has five moves you can use. These are:

  • Palm Thrust: A basic punch that deals good damage.
  • Buddha Clap: Makes you clap your hands to send the power of Buddha.
  • Buddha Shockwave: Sends a shockwave to the opponent.
  • Thousand Hands: Deals constant damage by throwing multiple hits.
  • Buddha Form: Transformation move.

Once you use the Buddha Form move, you are going to transform. Doing this will enable you to use the transformed moves as well. Each move will deal extra damage, and you are going to gain extra experience points.

One Fruit Simulator Buddha Fruit moves

Transformed Buddha Moves

Once again, there are five moves you can use when you are in Buddha transformation mode. Each move provides you a stronger version of the ones we talked about above.

The transformed Buddha moves are:

  • Soul Pierce
  • Blizzard Banderole
  • Soul Parado
  • Blizzard Slash
  • Soul Rush
One Fruit Simulator Buddha Fruit transformed moves

This is it for our One Fruit Simulator New Buddha Fruit Guide. There are a couple of fruits that got enhanced with the Rose Kingdom update, if you would like to take a look at them, check out our guide on Rubber, Gravity, & String fruits as well.


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