One Fruit Simulator: Awaken Smoke Fruit Location & Showcase

Learn how to get this new and improved Smoke fruit in the game!

The smoke fruit got a new upgraded version in the latest update of One Fruit Simulator, making it a fairly powerful addition to your collection. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can get this variant of the smoke fruit and what it’s capable of!

Awaken Smoke Fruit Location & Showcase

The first step in awakening the smoke fruit is to travel to the Punk Hazard Island, which is a pretty high level zone that will require you to grind quite a bit first.

There, in the lava zone, you will find the Vice Admiral White boss. Kill him to get Smoke Keys, which are used to enter the White Raid.

To do the White Raid, just walk a bit to the side from the boss and talk to the NPC that is standing out in the open. This is how you grind for Smoke Essence.

One Fruit Simulator player standing beside vice admiral white, with the white raid npc highlighted

In total, you will need 71 smoke essence in order to fully upgrade the fruit. This is far less than the required essence for other awakenings, so the grind shouldn’t be too long in comparison.

Once you have all of the required materials, head over to any Fruit Awakening NPC to start and complete the evolution process in a single go.

One Fruit Simulator player standing in front of one of the fruit awakening npcs

Awakened Smoke Abilities

The awakened smoke fruit heavily emphasizes both short and long range area of effect attacks. Its abilities are the following:

  • Smoke Barrage (Z move) – Fires several projectiles that explode on impact, dealing damage in a small area.
  • Smoke Slam (X move) – The user slams the ground and deals damage in a large area around them.
  • Smoke Fly (C move) – As the name implies, it is a basic but useful flight mode.
  • Smoke Typhoon (V move) – The user spins several times and deals damage in a small area around them.
  • Smoke Blast (B move) – After a long charging animation, the user will explode and deal tons of damage in a large circle around them.

It is a fairly hard-hitting kit that is great for grinding, though there are definitely better options when it comes to fighting bosses or single targets in general.

One Fruit Simulator player casting the new smoke blast ability

And that is everything that you need to know when it comes to awakening the smoke fruit and what skills it has. If you want a similarly new and area of effect-focused option as well, check out our guide on the Awakened Sand fruit in One Fruit Simulator.


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