Soul Knight Prequel: How To Get 5 Xandu Red Items & Their Fatebounds

New items to cause mayhem with.

Soul Knight Prequel is a mobile game that is currently going through Season 1. As with all games that uses Seasons to add more content in the game, Soul Knight Prequel is adding a ton of new content that are mostly exclusive to the Season it is in.

If you miss out now, then you won’t be able to get these items in the next Seasons. In this guide, I will be showing you how to get these 5 new Xandu Red items in the game, as well as explain to you their Fatebounds.

How To Get 5 Xandu Red Items & Their Fatebounds

In order to get the brand new Xandu items, you will first need to unlock Xandu in the game. Xandu is the brand new Season 1 location that has been added, and it is where you will be doing most of the seasonal content farming in the game.

However, there are some changes that have been made in Season 1 that might require you to do some things first. Check out this detailed guide that shows you how to get to Xandu.

Flechette Thrower Ring

Starting with the first Red item, we have the Flechette Thrower Ring. This item can be obtained by defeating the Skeleton King in the Xandu location. Once you defeat the Skeleton King, it will then drop the Flechette Thrower Ring.

When you equip the item, using skills like Throwing Daggers or Riposte, dropped daggers will automatically fly back to you after landing. When thrown towards enemies, they will act like homing missiles and attack any enemy that is in the way.

Flechette Thrower Ring in action in Soul Knight Prequel.

Fallen Starwalkers

Next is the Fallen Starwalkers. To get this item, you will need to defeat the Goblin King. Once defeated, it will drop the Fallen Starwalkers. However, this item is only usable if you are using the Wizard class.

The reason why is because the Fatebound of the item only applies to the Fireball skill of the Wizard class. When using Fireball, you will immediately transform into a jumping Fireball that you can direct towards enemies. It also reduces any damage taken while in this form.

Fallen Starwalkers in action in Soul Knight Prequel.

Remedist’s Necklace

The third item in the game is the Remedist’s Necklace. This item can be found by defeating the Mandragora. Once again, the item will drop upon defeat. However, you will need to use the Herbalist class to make use of the Fatebound.

The Fatebound only applies to the Virulent Flask skill of the Herbalist class. When in the radius of the thrown flask, you will regain 15% of your HP that is equal to your STR.

Remedist’s Necklace in action in Soul Knight Prequel.

Howling Sleet Ring

The fourth item is the Howling Sleet Ring. This item can be obtained by defeating the Alpha Yeti. Once defeated, it will drop the item on the ground to be picked up. It is only usable, however, for the Tempest Mage class.

The Fatebound only applies to the Blizzard skill from Tempest Mage. It increases the radius of the skill by 175%. It also reduces any enemy within the radius’ Cold Resistance by -6.

Howling Sleet Ring in action in Soul Knight Prequel.

Noname Necklace

This last item is a bit of a doozy. There’s not a lot of information on the item right now, and we’re not even sure if these items are part of the update, as the item has no name.

For now, the community has dubbed the item Noname Necklace. This necklace can be obtained by defeating Disciples of Helxar, which will drop the items.

However, each item will contain a different Fatebound from one another. Here is a list of the Fatebounds you can get:

  • Black Evil Heart Thunder – When dealing damage other than electrical attribute to an enemy with abnormal electric shock, the damage will be increased.
  • Black Evil Heart Poison – Toxin abnormalities will also make the enemy weak, with reduced damage and lower hit rate.
  • The Dark Heart of the Evil Spirit – Gain extra dark damage, but take more damage.
  • Heart of Black Evil Ice – Increases critical damage. A critical hit is guaranteed against frozen enemies, but the probability of a critical hit against an enemy that is not frozen is halved.
  • The Power of Black Evil – Gain a lot of power.
  • Black Evil Spirit – Gain a lot of agility.
  • Black Evil Mind – Gain a lot of intelligence.

Bear in mind that these are not official translations of the Fatebound descriptions. These are descriptions that were translated using software, so the results might not be 100% accurate.

Disciples of Helxar in Soul Knight Prequel.

That’s all you need to know about the new Red items in Xandu for Soul Knight Prequel. Did this guide help you understand what these items are and how their Fatebounds work? Let us know in the comments below.

If you want to learn more about Soul Knight Prequel, check out the brand new Ocean Lobby and the easter eggs hidden in the area.


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