One Fruit Simulator: Awakened Paw Fruit Location & Showcase

Shoot powerful paws at your enemies! They won’t expect it coming!

One Fruit Simulator: Awakened Paw Fruit Location & Showcase

Roblox One Fruit Simulator is an open-world RPG game with a training system similar to those of many simulator games. As you progress, you can obtain many different types of fruits to increase your power, making you capable of competing against many other players.

The Awakened Paw Fruit is one of the available fruits in the game that you can obtain. Before you are able to obtain it, you must first reach a level requirement. In this guide, we will show you the steps you need to do to get the Awakened Paw Fruit and a showcase of the Fruit’s abilities.

Awakened Paw Fruit Location & Showcase

To awaken your Paw Fruit, you will need to gather a number of Paw Essence. To get Paw Essence, you must use a Paw Key and farm in the Paw Raid.

The Awakened Paw Fruit is a great damage fruit to use with medium to long-range attacks as well as a teleportation ability. Here are more details on how you can awaken the Paw Fruit, as well as its improved skillset.

Awakened Paw Fruit Location & How To Awaken

To get the Awakened Paw Fruit, you’ll want to head towards the Night Castle area in SEA 2. The recommended level for this region is 5000-6000, so make sure you are high enough in terms of levels.

Once you get there, you will need to farm 115 Paw Essence to awaken the Fruit. To get them, you will need 50, 100, or more depending on whether you have the Double Essence Game Pass.

One Fruit Simulator Night Castle

After you have arrived at the Night Castle, head towards the left and you will be able to find the Kuma boss. You will be farming this boss for the Paw Keys.

There are also Bears on the island that you can fight to earn keys. However, your ideal way is to farm the Kuma Boss for the higher drop rates.

One Fruit Simulator Boss

To the left side of the Boss, you can talk to the NPC to enter the Bear Tyrant Raid. Keep in mind that the boss has over 100B HP, so find yourself an ally if you have low stats.

One Fruit Simulator Bear Tyrant Raid

With a total of 115 Paw Essence, go back to Bounty Island and talk to the Fruit Awaken NPC. You will then be able to awaken each of the abilities to enhance its power.

One Fruit Simulator Paw Fruit

Awakened Paw Fruit Showcase

Your Z Move lets you create a Paw Explosion on the ground, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

One Fruit Simulator Paw Fruit Z Move

Your X Move will throw a number of explosive projectiles that explode upon impact, dealing damage in a wide area.

One Fruit Simulator Paw Fruit X Move

The C Move is a teleportation skill, that lets you teleport forward in the direction you are facing.

One Fruit Simulator Paw Fruit C Move

After casting your V Move, you will rapidly punch and shoot explosive paws. These projectiles will explode on impact, dealing damage to anything that gets hit.

One Fruit Simulator Paw Fruit V Move

The Awakened Paw Fruit’s B Move lets you launch a huge Paw that flies toward your enemy and deals high amounts of damage.

One Fruit Simulator Paw Fruit B Move

Your final F Move allows you to create a huge, red explosion that deals high damage to any enemies nearby. The skill will damage enemies in a circle radius.

One Fruit Simulator Paw Fruit F Move

That’s how you can find the Awakened Paw Fruit Location in One Fruit Simulator. Overall, the Awakened Paw Fruit has a lot of AoE moves that are great for defeating multiple enemies. Some of the attacks also do high damage, so make sure you give this Fruit a try!

There are also many other Awakened Fruits that you can obtain in the game. How about taking a look at this Awakened Sand Fruit Location & Showcase Guide as well? The Sand Fruit is one of the amazing options that you can go for.


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