One Fruit Simulator: Awakened Snow Fruit Location & Showcase

The cold never bothered you, but it’ll bother your enemies.

The newest update for One Fruit Simulator added the Awakened Snow Fruit, which lets you showcase powerful snow abilities that cover the immediate location around you in snow.

If you already have the regular Snow Fruit, it’s time to take on the new Fonet raid. Get enough Snow Essences to elevate your snow powers!

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Awakened Snow Fruit and give you a glimpse of its upgraded powers.

Awakened Snow Fruit in One Fruit Simulator | Fonet Raid Location

Hazard Island | One Fruit Simulator: Awakened Snow Fruit Location & Showcase

To get the Awakened Snow Fruit, you’ll need to complete the Fonet Raid. You can find it in Hazard Island on the Third Sea region, but you’ll need to be at least Level 14000 to reach it!

It’s also worth noting that you will need to have the regular Snow Fruit to Awaken it.

You can get it randomly as a Legendary-tier drop from merchants, raids, and timed rewards.

Fonet Raid building

Once you reach Hazard Island, make your way to the snowy region. Look for the large cylindrical building shown above, near the large “007” tower.

NPC for the Fonet Raid

Check the base of the building and you’ll find the Fonet Raid NPC. Speak with them to start the Fonet Raid, which will reward you with Snow Essences upon completion.

To start the raid, though, you’ll need to get Snow Keys.

Luzan holds the Snow Keys

Thankfully, the enemy that drops Snow Keys is around the corner. Just face the Fonet Raid NPC and turn left to find Luzan.

Luzan up close

Fight him and beat him to get the Snow Keys.

Then, return to the Fonet Raid NPC and give them a key to begin the raid against Fonet.

Fonet Raid in progress

She’s a very simple raid boss, but she has over 1 trillion HP! We recommend bringing some friends to make the process faster, Fonet’s HP is ridiculous…

Once you defeat Fonet, though, you’ll get up to 4 Snow Essences. You might also get the unique Fonet Wings and Fonet Clothing accessories.

In total, you’ll need 123 Snow Essences to fully Awaken your Snow Fruit. Since you usually get around 3 drops per won raid, you’ll need at least 40 Snow Keys.

Fruit Awaken NPC

When you’ve got your Snow Essences, just speak to the Fruit Awaken NPC at either Bounty Island or Lulue Town. Awaken all of your Snow Fruit’s abilities and you’re done!

Awakened Snow Fruit Abilities | Power Showcase

Just like other Awakened Fruits, the Awakened Snow Fruit’s abilities are drastically improved versions of the default abilities. Now, let’s go over each one of these upgraded powers!

Awakened Snow Fruit Showcase | Z Key Move

Z Key – Throws multiple snowballs in a direct line, causing multiple large snow explosions.

Awakened Snow Fruit Showcase | X Key Move

X Key – Causes a rain of huge snowballs in an area in front of your character. It’s an excellent AoE attack!

Awakened Snow Fruit Showcase | C Key Move

C Key – Allows you to channel the Snow Fruit’s power to fly. It’s faster than the standard Snow Fruit’s version.

Awakened Snow Fruit Showcase | V Key Move

V Key – Summons three large snow tornados which emerge diagonally from your character. Covers a very wide area around you.

Awakened Snow Fruit Showcase | B Key Move

B Key – Creates a massive snowstorm in a very large area around your character. Very fast on top of having massive range.

Awakened Snow Fruit Showcase | F Key Move

F Key – Causes a rain of huge snowballs, similar to the X Key move. However, there are more snowballs and it also covers a wider area around your character instead of just in front.

All in all, it’s a huge upgrade over the regular Snow Fruit. Its devastating AoE powers make the Awakened Snow Fruit worth getting, that’s for sure!

If you also want to get the previous Awakened fruit, check out our guide on how to get the Awakened Venom Fruit as well.


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