Palia: Winterlights Wonder Quest | Patch 0.174

An easy clear for new ornaments!

Palia: Winterlights Wonder QQuest | Patch 0.174
Palia: Winterlights Wonder QQuest | Patch 0.174

It really feels like winter and Christmas in Palia now with the new Winterlights Wonder quest. Patch 0.174 comes with a lot of fixing and the quest where the game invites you to interact with all the villagers in the game. Without further ado, let’s go and finish the quests!

Winterlights Wonder Quest

Winterlights Wonder quest starts once you’ve updated the game to 0.174. Head into your mailbox where you’ll see new recipes and items sent to you by Tish. Reading and accepting the mail from Tish will start the Winterlights Wonder quest.

And this quest is super easy! Just find any NPC in the town and choose ‘Want to light a candle with me?’ option. Find at least 8 NPCs to do this, or you can choose to do it with as many NPCs as you want.

You can only do it once and checking the map will tell who else you haven’t interacted with. Including Tau the good dog!

Head back home and you’ll see Tish waiting for you at home. After talking to her, she’s going to give you three more recipes: Winterlights Candle Ornament, Winterlights Bell Ornament, and Winterlights Ball Ornament.

You may have noticed that interacting with the villagers also gave you these ornaments for free, all 24 of them.

And that’s how you finish the Winterlights Wonder Quest in Palia!

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