Paragon The Overprime Complete Beginner’s Guide

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Jumping into a new game can be challenging, learning all the ropes and understanding mechanics as well as what the meta builds are or even just the ones that aren’t sub-optimal. We’ve all been that one new guy knows nothing about the game and is running around like a headless chicken. With the wonders of the internet though you can learn a lot of things without even touching the game itself with guides and articles on the game. Maybe that’s why you’re here as well, in this guide we’ll show you some tips and tricks for new Paragon: The Overprime game.

Complete Beginner’s Guide On Paragon The Overprime

Paragon: The Overprime is the newest addition to the MOBA genre, and it’s a Third-Person Shooter Action one featuring amazing graphics, interesting heroes to pick and the good old MOBA mechanics many veterans of the genre should already know. Here are some tips and tricks for new players!

MOBA Mechanics

Source: PARAGON: The Overprime – YouTube

For those who are new to MOBA or have played games in the genre you should know from the map alone that it is a MOBA game. The map is divided into 3 ‘lanes’ where AI mobs from each side will spawn and fight. In-between the lanes is the ‘Jungle’ where neutral mobs are, they reward gold, XP and even buffs sometimes.

Source: PARAGON: The Overprime – YouTube

Each Lane also has towers that defend them, and you’ll need to destroy them to push to the enemy base. Don’t go fighting the tower head on though, most of the time you’ll lose. You’ll need to wait for your side’s mobs to take the tower’s aggro before you can even think of fighting it. Just remember that when you attack an enemy player while around a tower, the tower will target you regardless.

Source: PARAGON: The Overprime – YouTube

At the main base of each side is the core, destroy it and you win the game! That’s why you push the lanes and destroy the towers there, so that more and more of your mobs can reach the core and help you destroy it.


There’s different heroes you can choose in Paragon, and these are the characters that you use in the game. Each one of them has their own different abilities, strengths and weaknesses and going through all of them might take some time. For the beginners out there try to find what you think you want to play as and learn that character. Understand their abilities and see how they play.

Source: PARAGON: The Overprime – YouTube

Your heroes will learn new abilities when they level up, you also get to buy them items to make them even stronger. To get XP and gold for leveling up and buying items you’ll need to defeat the enemy mobs on the map. You can also get gold and XP from defeating enemy players!

Congratulations you now know the basics of Paragon The Overprime, now go out there and try the game out! Many thanks to oo for showing everyone how to play this game, if you need more information on the game go check their video out here: 📖 PARAGON: The Overprime | Beginner’s Guide (Subtitle available) – YouTube

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