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Lost Ark: All Rare Monster Locations in Ankumo Mountain

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The Ankumo Mountain consists of dangerous dungeons such as the Aquilok’s Head. However, the mountain itself contains rare monsters that you can challenge. Below is a guide on all the rare monsters that you can defeat in Ankumo Mountain. 

All Rare Monsters in Ankumo Mountain – Lost Ark

  • Alpha Moss Wolf – The Alpha Moss Wolf can be found near the Old Cathedral Ruins. The Alpha Moss Wolf is accompanied by other Moss wolves so be careful. 
  • Stinking Bone Mucus Monster – You can find the Stinking Bone Mucus Monster near the Sacred Spring. This monster has a lot of HP so be sure to focus your powerful spells on it to defeat it quickly. 
  • Unrecognizable Entangled Mutant – You can find the Unrecognizable Entangled Mutant on the southwestern part of the Ankumo Mountain. You will find a monster camp here. Be careful because you can encounter multiple mutants at the same time. 
  • Boss Mystical Snake – The Boss Mystical Snake is located on the northern part of the map, near the entrance to the Aquilok’s head dungeon. 


There are a total of 4 Rare Monsters that you can find in Ankumo Mountain. These monsters are more powerful compared to common monsters. Be sure to stock up on your potions to avoid getting killed by these rare monsters. 

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