Path Of Exile: Guide To Defense In PoE

What is Defense in PoE?

As you can currently see in the community of PoE there are many people that struggle with tons of stuff related to the Defense mechanics. If you are one of them, this guide is for you. Here we will go over many mechanics that are fairly easy to add to your character without breaking your bank. Let’s go over the basics and specifics.

Guide To Defense In PoE – Path Of Exile

These here are the main layers of Defense:

  • Avoidance – There are several types of avoidance, but virtually all of them will just defend you from attacks and will have no effect on degeneration or damage over time. This is why it’s crucial to build your character with numerous levels of defense. If your character has a lot of avoidance, it’s a good idea to combine it with a lot of recoveries, since they complement one other nicely. If your character doesn’t take damage for a long time but loses a lot of HP every now and then, you’ll need a way to swiftly restore it so you don’t stay in a vulnerable position for too long.
  • Mitigation – Mitigation is a layer of protection that prevents you from being killed in a single strike and uses your health pool to shield you from further harm. If your character has a lot of mitigation, every point of HP you gain will be worth a lot more, so be sure to prioritize increasing your Health Pool.
  • Recovery – While recovery is relatively easy to get by while mapping, it is considerably more difficult to come by when bossing; nonetheless, if you can overcome this problem, your character will become a much better bosser. Recovery is particularly fantastic when used in conjunction with high avoidance abilities like Life/ES gain on block or Ghost Shrouds. If your character has low HP, you should focus on flat regen (for example, “54 life regenerated each second”), and if your character has a high HP number, you should focus on percentage regen (for example, “0.5 percent of life regenerated per second”).
  • Life Pool – Your Life total is the most visible layer of defense, and it’s often the first thing people notice. However, don’t be misled by it; it’s incredibly possible to design a 4k hp character that’s twice as tanky as a 7k hp character. This, like all other parts of defense, is only one layer of protection. That said, the more time and effort you put into avoidance, recovery, and, most importantly, mitigation, the more value you’ll derive from every point of Life you add to your character.

These four major methods of defense are most effective when used together. You’ll never be tanky if you buy just one of these. A character’s sense of immortality is based on the combination of multiple levels of defense. The more layers and protective techniques you install, the higher the return on each of them will be. In the same way that damage increases in PoE, defense scales exponentially as you put more into it. Keep in mind that each of those protective characteristics should always be covered by at least one good mechanism.

Making a good character entails more than simply dealing harm or defending yourself; it also entails quickly checking all the proper boxes. The game gradually introduces new obstacles and issues, which you must answer if you want to have a nice time and complete all of the material. Have fun building your character!

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