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Path Of Exile: Guide To Recombinators

How to better understand the Recombinators!

To come up with the figures shown here and how things work behind the scenes, a lot of testing and data were gathered. Players have gone way and beyond of their way to provide with all of these extra tips to better understand Recombinators. Let’s see how they function and how to better understand them.

Guide To Recombinators – Path Of Exile

As to how Recobminators work let’s go over these couple of information to see behind the scenes of the numbers and math.

  • Select one of the two objects that will be Recombinated. This will serve as the foundation for your final item, and anything related to it will appear on it. Influence type, Mirrored tag, Split tag, Corrupted tag, quality, implicits (Corrupted, Synthesized, Influenced), Enchants, and Anoints are all examples of this.
  • Combine all of the items’ Prefixes into one modpool, then divide the items’ Suffixes into their own modpools.
  • From each pool, select a number of modifications. The total number of modifications in that pool determines the number of mods picked. To be clear, prefixes and suffixes are two different things. They have no bearing on each other. The number of modifications selected from the Prefix pool is proportional to the number of Prefixes in the pool. The number of modifications selected from the Suffix pool is proportional to the number of Suffixes in the pool. Both of these things happen, not just one of them.
  • To build your final item, combine the Prefixes and Suffixes you’ve chosen.
  • After the final item is formed, a new mod may be added. The chance for this to happen depends on many factors. Generally speaking, mods are less likely to be added with larger Prefix and Suffix pools because the final item may not have room for any more mods.

Then take a look at this picture for better examples:

Source: u/TheDiaBeetusKing

Let’s go over the Prefixes and Suffixes. Everyone knows the basic maximum of 3 each. What you probably don’t realize is how detrimental this is to recombinators. Let’s imagine you have three Desired Prefixes and one Prefix that you don’t want between the two beginning items. Three of those Prefixes have a 35 percent probability of being chosen for your final item, but it must also choose exactly the three Prefixes you wish to preserve. These are the actions that would be required to accomplish this.

  • You want three modifications out of a total of four, which equals 3/4. After being selected, one is taken from the pool.
  • In a pool of three modifications, you want two of them, for a total of two-thirds. After being selected, one is taken from the pool.
  • In a pool of two mods, you have one that you desire = 1/2.

The probability of the game selecting your three desired prefixes is (3/4)(2/3)(1/2) = 25%. This reduces your total chances from an excellent likelihood of 35 percent to 8.75 percent. It should be obvious by now that having more than three Prefixes if you wish to maintain Prefixes (and vice versa for Suffixes) is a terrible idea.

Having one mod on each object that shares a modgroup is known as Doubling. T3 Flat Life on Item 1 and T1 Flat Life on Item 2 are two examples of flat life. Item 1 may have T5 Cold Res and Item 2 could have Crafted Cold Res, just like usual modifications. Having more than three prefixes or suffixes might be beneficial depending on the situation.

Let’s go over the Special Recombinator Mods now and how to get them. There are certain requirements that are needed when selecting a few of the mods here:

  • Evasion or Hybrid Evasion Boots are required for Cold per Dex.
  • Armour or Hybrid Armour Boots have a Fire per Strength restriction.
  • Energy Shield or Hybrid Energy Shield Boots have a maximum of one Lightning per Int.
  • Enhance only works with Evasion or Hybrid Evasion Gloves.
  • Only Armour or Hybrid Armour Gloves are supported by Empower.
  • Enlighten only supports Energy Shield and Hybrid Energy Shield Gloves.

Aside from the limits listed above, these unique modifications appear to be somewhat random. You may, however, use one method to target them. Get two regular things of acceptable base types and create the identical Suffix on each of them if the special mod you want is a Prefix. If the Suffix pool contains two Suffixes, the Recombinator will always maintain at least one of them. Furthermore, because both Suffixes are the same mod, it will only be able to maintain one of them if it tries to keep both. As a result, your final item will always be a magical item.

Let’s talk about the 4 Desired Mods which can be combined from 2+2 or 3+1 Prefixes and Suffixes:

  • 3 Prefixes and 1 Suffix: You may get a 33.3 percent success rate by doubling two prefixes [3 Prefix + 2 Prefix 1 Suffix]. You may increase your success rate by 35 percent by doubling one prefix and one suffix [2 Prefix 1 Suffix + 2 Prefix 1 Suffix]. As long as you use Doubling, you have very much the same odds!
  • 2 Prefixes and 2 Suffixes: You may get a 30% success rate by doubling two prefixes [2 Prefix 1 Suffix + 2 Prefix 1 Suffix. You may get a remarkable 49.5 percent success rate by doubling one prefix and one suffix [2 Prefix 1 Suffix + 1 Prefix 2 Suffix].

What about moving a Single mod to a new base? Without any optimization, the success probability of transferring 1 Prefix to a new base is 33.3 percent (considering the 50% chance of choosing the correct base). That’s not awful! You can get a 40% success rate by double a mod you don’t want to maintain [2 Prefix + 1 Prefix]. Although the difference isn’t significant, if you’re working on a one-of-a-kind basis, you want the chances to be in your favor.

What not to use Recombinators on?!

  • Recombinators aren’t very adept at producing objects with 5 or 6 mods. Depending on the item, they can still be the best option. However, for many people, combining Harvest, Aisling, and Crafted Mods to finish off an item with those ideal 3 Prefixes you just Recombinated is a far better way to go. You’d have a 24 percent success percentage merging two flawless 5 mod things into a 6 mod item if you possessed two perfect 5 mod items. However, those 5 mod things, which need a minimum of four perfect 4 mod items, have a success rate of 17%. And those four mods.
  • When it comes to removing a specific mod on an item, recombinators aren’t very good. The chances are the same as or worse than annulling, but in certain situations, you’ll be able to remove two Desired Mods at once, or you’ll be able to delete the mod you want but also accept the Desired Mod!

I’d want to express my gratitude to u/Butsicles and u/Inch4Tk for their contributions to this effort as well as u/TheDiaBeetusKing for going over all of this information in big depth.

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