Peroxide: All Christmas Skill Skins Guide

Peroxide skills but with a dash of Christmas spirit.

Peroxide is a Roblox game based on the popular franchise called Bleach. This game has pretty much everything you want from an RPG in a Bleach skin.

As of right now, Peroxide is still holding their Christmas / New Year event, where you can get some time limited and exclusive skins that all have special skills you can use.

Of course, these Christmas skins only give the skills a Christmas coat of paint, but they are still pretty fun to use. In this guide, I will show you how you can get all the Christmas skins to get their skills.

All Christmas Skill Skins Guide

How to Get Christmas Skins

First, in order to get the Christmas skins, you will need to open Christmas presents first. These Christmas skins are exclusive to the Christmas presents and cannot be found anywhere else.

While it is inconvenient, it does make sense as these are Christmas skins tied to a Christmas event, so placing them anywhere else but the Christmas event wouldn’t make sense.

With that said, if you are having trouble trying to open Christmas presents in the game, you can check out this detailed guide that shows you how to get Christmas presents faster in the game!

Location where you can get your Christmas presents in Peroxide.

All Christmas Skill Skin Showcase

Bear in mind that these are all cosmetic changes to the skills and will in no way give you an advantage to other players who do not have the skins.

Lord’s Roar

Assuming you have all the Christmas skins, it’s time to look at each skill, starting with Lord’s Roar. As you can see, Lord’s Roar lets out a bunch of Christmas presents around the user while still pushing the enemy backwards.

Lord's Roar Christmas skill showcase in Peroxide.

Flash Mirage

For Flash Mirage, the skill changes so that instead of an afterimage of the player, what is in its place instead is an ice statue that breaks apart after a few seconds.

Flash Mirage Christmas skill showcase in Peroxide.


For Sho, attacking and hitting someone with the skill will cause snow particles to fall around the enemy. It still does the same damage with the regular skill, just in a snowy skin this time. What’s interesting is that you don’t even see the snowball, as it just looks like a line being thrown at you.

Sho Christmas skill showcase in Peroxide.


Last is Heizen, which only drops a comically large Christmas present on top of an enemy that deals massive damage.

Heizen Christmas skill showcase in Peroxide.

That’s all you need to know about all of the Christmas skill skins in Peroxide. Did this guide help you understand how you can get these skills and what they do? Let us know in the comments below.

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