Peroxide: Complete New Years Update Guide (Rukia Boss Cheese)

Time to cheese the new update’s boss!

Peroxide Complete New Years Update Guide Rukia Boss Cheese

The year has barely started, and a lot of games out there are already kicking off with their first updates for the year. One of those games is Peroxide and it was a bit late with its update for some Christmas events.

This new update for the new year adds a whole new raid and NPC into the game as well as a lot of content to go and grind for. The raid also has the Rukia boss which you can easily cheese too!

In this guide, we’ll show you what the new content is in the update as well as a way to cheese the new raid boss. Now, let’s see how you can do that!

Complete New Years Update Guide (Rukia Boss Cheese)

The new update for Peroxide has added a bunch of new accessories, weapon skins, and a lot more. Of course, there’s also a new event and raid that is Christmas-themed where you can get presents. These presents can contain the new items so let’s see how we can get them!

New NPC &And Raid

The new update in Peroxide has added a new area to the map. When you go to the Canal area in the game, you’ll get to see this new island with some festive décor.

In the middle of the island is the new NPC and it’s Saint Peroxilas. You’ll need to talk to him to do the new raid.

This raid is where you get all sorts of Presents in different colored tiers. Opening these presents can get you some cool items like new weapon skins that are unique to this event.

Peroxide New NPC

Cheesing The Rukia Boss – Use Snowmen

When going through the Christmas raid, you’ll want to get the candy canes that drop from the enemies. They can be used to heal the tree and finish making the Snowmen shown below.

The reason why you’ll want this many Snowmen is because the Rukia boss can aggro them.

That means the boss can target these snowmen instead of you and your team. This can make it easy for you to attack at the boss with no risk.

Peroxide Snowmen

Cheesing The Rukia Boss – Have Chaos Users

If you’re a Chaos user or know a couple of players that use Chaos, then they’re a must to make things easy.

Not only can they deal a ton of damage, but it’s also AOE and can easily clear mobs. Their damage against the Rushia Boss can make the fight trivial if you have two in your team!

Peroxide Chaos User

Cheesing The Rukia Boss – Use Ranged Attacks

If you want some more risk-free damage on the boss, you’ll want to use the towers around the raid as shown below.

If you can get up on them, you can use ranged attacks and abilities to safely attack the boss. It’s also great if there are snowmen around to take the aggro.

Peroxide Christmas Event Raid Towers

Those are some tips and tricks on how to cheese the Rukia boss for the New Year’s update in Peroxide. Now, go out there and try it out yourself!

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