Peroxide: Complete Egg Hunt Event Guide

Find some eggs and get some free rewards throughout the event period!

With the recent celebration of Easter, many games on Roblox have been contributing to the festivities with their own appropriately themed events. Peroxide is one of these games, and in this guide, we will be covering everything you need to know in order to participate in the Egg Hunt event that will be lasting until the next update, probably.

Complete Egg Hunt Event Guide

As we have just mentioned, we are unsure when the egg hunt event will end, so if you want to participate in it, read on for more information while there’s still time!

Basically, Easter eggs with varying designs are scattered throughout the map, and there are a couple of ways for you to hunt for these elusive event items.

To be more specific, there are six different types of eggs that are all have designs heavily inspired by the Bleach anime and manga series. Refer to the image below to see what each type looks like:

Peroxide all six Easter egg designs

Fluffy Chad & His Easter Eggs

Throughout the duration of the event, a special NPC named Fluffy Chad can be found in the same location as the previous event’s NPC.

If you are unsure of where that is, we have a guide with detailed directions on how to find the event NPC’s location in Peroxide. Refer to that to find Fluffy Chad, as he will be in the exact same spot!

When you talk to him, you can ask him about the Easter eggs. Upon doing this, he will tell you that you can find some in the Menos Forest region. So, get over there and start your hunt!

Peroxide player speaking to Fluffy Chad

One thing to note, however, is that the eggs within Menos Forest will spawn on random spots all around the area. Because of this, you will have to just run around and look for them on your own.

To make your search significantly easier, turn the brightness up as high as you can without blinding yourself. Menos Forest is incredibly dark, and with a low brightness setting, you will definitely miss some eggs on the ground.

Peroxide player finding an egg in Menos Forest

A Better Way of Farming Easter Eggs

During the event, there is another way you can hunt for Easter eggs. Instead of going to the Menos Forest area, you can simply search for Hollows all around the game world.

Basically, check pretty much any location where you can find some Hollows. Some of them have a chance of spawning with one of the Easter eggs as their head. Killing it will get you the corresponding egg that was on their head.

If your character is strong enough, this really shouldn’t be much of a challenge. This will be significantly faster than looking for them on the ground at Menos Forest.

Peroxide player fighting a Hollow with an Easter egg head

Using Hollow Bait

Hollow bait will be your best friend if you are trying to maximize your Easter egg farming gains. Funnily enough, you will probably be returning to Menos Forest anyway if you are going down this route.

If you don’t know what this item does, it basically spawns different types of Hollows depending on what kind of bait you used. Several of them will pop out of thin air shortly after a piece of bait is used.

Basically, start hoarding some Hollow bait of any kind and dump all of them in any location where they can be used. Menos Forest is ideal because you can hunt for egg spawns at the same time.

Hollows that are spawned this way also have a chance to spawn with an Easter egg as their head. Because of that, a single piece of bait can net you multiple eggs (or none if you’re really unlucky).

Peroxide player killing Hollows spawned by bait

How to Use the Easter Eggs

Now that you have a whole bunch of Easter eggs in your inventory, you’re probably wondering how they work? Well, they aren’t a resource that you spend. All you have to do is open them one by one.

To do this, simply hold the egg and press Mouse 1 several times until it disappears from your hand. When that happens, you will receive a random reward from an unknown loot pool.

While we are unsure what exactly can drop from these eggs, players have confirmed that they can be time relics, various accessories, and even skins for weapons. This makes them worth hunting if you are trying to get dripped out!

It should be noted, however, that the type of Easter egg you get does not seem to have any effect on what drops you get. With that in mind, you won’t have to worry about finding specific egg types.

Peroxide player holding a Kon egg

And that is basically it for this special addition to the game, as there isn’t much to do other than hunt and open Easter eggs all throughout the event period. If you are looking for a strong build to farm Hollows or fight other players, check out our guide on the Spirit Vasto Rage build for Peroxide!


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