Gray Zone Warfare: It’s in the Water 2 Quest Guide | Mithras

Uncover the surprisingly mundane but equally dangerous mystery behind Ban Pa!

There are many tasks in Gray Zone Warfare that have follow up quests later down the line, sometimes even a third time after the fact. It’s in the Water is one of the tasks that gets a second part later on, and in this guide, we will show you how to complete this relatively simple recon quest!

It’s in the Water 2 Quest Guide | Mithras

For It’s in the Water II, Lab Rat will ask you to go back to the village of Ban Pa and look for anything that is related to the production of chemicals. This one is more straightforward than the previous part, but will require a bit of RNG luck.

Basically, once you get to Ban Pa, you will need to find a key for the “BP Elder” door at the Elder’s House in the middle of the village. To do this, you have to kill nearby AI enemies until they drop it, which can take you either a few minutes or several hours depending on your luck.

Once you have the key, all you need to do is unlock the door and walk right in. The task should update as you look around in this makeshift chem lab. Once that’s done, simply extract and that’s it.

Gray Zone Warfare player investigating the chem lab

Having Trouble Finding a Key?

Some players have reported absolutely terrible luck trying to get the key for the “BP Elder” door. If you are one such player, or you just want to cheese the task, you can actually get into the chem lab without a key.

First, head over to the stack of boxes covered by a blue tarp right behind the Elder’s House. Climb up on the boxes and jump across to the racks of fish. From there, you will be able to reach the open window to your left, which will lead into the chem lab.

Gray Zone Warfare directions to cheese the chem lab

There are other ways to get up on to those racks leading up to the window, such as climbing up the roof of the adjacent building. The box method is just one of the easier ways to do it.

This is an unintended mechanic and may be patched throughout the early access phase, so if this doesn’t work, you’ll just have to find a key like everybody else.

One thing to note, however, is that if you do choose to cheese your entry into the room, you will have to jump out of the window. This is because the door will remain locked even from the inside, which does seem a bit strange.

And that is pretty much everything you need to know in order to complete It’s in the Water part 2. While you are here, check out our guide on all of the other tasks that Mithras players get in Gray Zone Warfare to learn more about your future quests!


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Gray Zone Warfare: It’s in the Water Quest Guide | Mithras

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