Peroxide: How To Get Free Rerolls Guide

Seems like Kisuke’s shop is stocked

You can acquire free rerolls in the Roblox game Peroxide to enhance your outfits, cosmetics, race, and other valuable in-game items. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend money to obtain them. This guide will show you how to get these free rerolls in Peroxide, helping you level up your gameplay without any financial commitment.

How to Get Free Rerolls

To obtain free rerolls, simply navigate to the Peroxide menu and click on “AFK World.”

Afk World in Peroxide

Every two hours, you receive a product essence. If you have Roblox Premium, you’ll acquire two, and purchasing it within the game grants you free ten product essences.

Product Essence in Peroxide

Once you’ve obtained your product essences, head over to Kisuke and use them to buy items. The NPC offers a variety of products that you can acquire using your essences, making it a crucial step in enhancing your gameplay.

Kisuke in Peroxide


Here are all the products you can buy from him. For each item you can select if you want to spend one, half or all of your current product essences.

  • General Tab
    • +1 Clan Reroll
    • +5 Name Rerolls
    • +5 Eye Colour Rerolls
    • +5 Face Rerolls
    • +5 Hair Colour Rerolls
    • +5 Weapon Colour Rerolls
    • +4 Reiatsu Colour Rerolls
    • 1 Skill Reset for 5 Product Essence
  • Path-Specific Tab (Different for Soul Reapers/Arrancars and Quincies)
    • Soul Reaper:
      • +1 Shikai Element Reroll
      • +4 Shikai Cosmetic Reroll
      • +3 Outfit Reroll Essence
      • Reset Kisuke Timer for 2 Product Essence
    • Quincies:
      • +1 Schrift Reroll
      • +3 Vollstandig Wings Reroll
      • +3 Schrift Bow Reroll
      • Reset Kisuke Timer for 2 Product Essence
    • Normal Hollow:
      • +5 Hollow Body Reroll
      • +4 Mask Reroll
    • Adjuchas:
      • +5 Hollow Body Reroll
      • +4 Mask Reroll
    • Arrancar:
      • +1 Resurreccion Reroll
      • +4 Resurreccion Cosmetic Reroll
      • +4 Mask Reroll
      • Reset Kisuke Timer for 2 Product Essence

Finally, to use rerolls, you have to press the Robux Icon in the top left corner of the screen.

Rerolls in Peroxide

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about How to Get Free Rerolls Guide in Peroxide!

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    • Hello there, Uchiha_Kakarot6. In order to use your Shikai cosmetic rerolls, you must go to Kisuke Shop in Karakura Town.

      During the conversation, pick “I want to use Product Essence” and go to the specific tab for your chosen path.

      Lastly, decide if you want to change your Shikai’s element or cosmetic. Once you’ve bought Rerolls, just press the Robux button and choose the reroll you want to use.

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