Peroxide: Orochi Boss Guide & Location

A new boss has come to challenge Peroxide players, and here is how you find him!

Peroxide has just released another small update that added a few new features and fixed some minor bugs and lighting issues. The most significant change is the addition of a new boss called Orochi, who is said to be a living legend that is very tough to beat. This guide will show you how you can find and beat him yourself!

Orochi Boss Guide & Location

In order to find the boss, you must first go to the Hueco Mundo area. Orochi can be found in a cave near The Alley. It’s hard to miss, and the NPC named Hurak is standing just outside the entrance.

You will know that you are in the correct cave because the surrounding area will turn red and a notification stating that you are in “???” will pop up as you enter it. Orochi can be found standing on top of a ledge out in the open.

Peroxide player approaching Orochi's cave in Hueco Mundo

One thing to note is that you have to be a certain race to fight him. More specifically, you must be a Vastocar Arrancar in order to start the fight. The patch notes mentioned Vasto Lordes as well, though this seems to be a typo.

If you try to approach him while not having the correct race, Orochi will simply refuse to initiate a fight with you and ask you to get out of his cave in a less than polite manner.

You will know that you have the right race if he says “You intrigue me.” When you get this dialogue, all you have to do to start the fight is press the “Accept Challenge” button.

Peroxide player getting scolded by Orochi for having the wrong race

Fighting the Orochi Boss

Orochi, also referred to as “The Shura”, is intentionally designed to be an incredibly hard boss (possibly the hardest so far). If you are going to challenge him, make sure that you are a high enough level with a good build.

If you come in woefully unprepared, he will destroy you in a matter of seconds. You might not even be able to deal a single point of damage to him in your first try.

One recommendation that seems to work for those who have managed to beat him is by simply using a strength build. This is because he reportedly (no specific scaling provided) becomes way tougher against people who have high spirit.

To be more specific, his health and strength will be around 2x higher if you are using a spirit build. Nobody is stopping you from trying, but you should save yourself from the pain and just go for strength instead.

Peroxide player fighting Orochi

If you are going to face him, make sure to have an ability that will help you regenerate some health. Even with a strength build, you’re going to be taking a chunk of damage every now and then.

Also, some players have stated that the fight has a time limit of around five minutes, give or take. This means that you can’t just stall the boss with slow and cheesy tactics. Time to be more aggressive!

Upon beating the boss, you will get a popup on your screen that says the following: “The Satsui no Hadou’s darkness echoes with the winds. More skills have emerged on the skill shop…”

Peroxide player getting attacked by Orochi

Rewards For Beating The Shura

Once you have defeated Orochi for the first time, you will get nine new skills in the shop. That’s pretty much the only reason you’d want to fight him, unless you just want to challenge yourself once again.

Below will be a list of all the abilities that you will get for beating him, as well as a brief summary of what they do:

  • #1. Expression – A seemingly basic punching attack that launches your target a fair distance away after a short windup.
  • #2. Tatsumaki – A spinning attack that will constantly deal damage and knock back affected targets after the last hit.
  • #3. Unrivaled – A grab attack the will send your target up into the air before slamming them down on the ground.
  • #4. Ferocity – The user will perform a barrage of strikes that ends with an uppercut. If the uppercut connects, the target is launched into the air and slammed back down.
  • #5. Lightlike – Perform a backward leap and deal five ticks of damage to the target, which also knocks them back.
  • #6. Death Cutter – Kick your opponent up into the air, and then swiftly deliver another kick that sends them even higher.
  • #7. Banishing Hunt – The user jumps into the air and immediately slams their body back into the ground after a split second.
  • #8. Unforseen – The user will charge up and release some energy that knocks back nearby enemies and briefly blinds them. Also grants a short speed boost.
  • #9. Flying Fist – A simple punching attack that will knock back any enemies that are within range.
Peroxide player using the new flying fist skill

And that is everything you need to know in order to find the new boss in the game, as well as what rewards await potential challengers. If you need to make a new character to face him, here is a beginner’s guide for Peroxide specifically made for Vastocars that will surely help you out!


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