Z Piece: How to Get Sukuna’s Specs (Fire Arrow, Cleave & Malevolent Shrine)

There’s quite a few of them, and it will be a bit of a grind!

There are many specs to collect in Z Piece, and with the recent addition of Jujutsu Kaisen-inspired content, players have even more stuff to grind for. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get all of the specs related to Sukuna, which will require quite a bit of grinding.

How to Get Sukuna’s Specs

To keep a long story short, the many Sukunarelated specs that you can get will require you to grind Raid bosses over and over again until you get the following items:

  • Sukuna’s Heart – 5% drop chance from Raid. May be unobtainable as of writing this.
  • Sukuna Finger – 5% drop chance from Raid. You might need two of these.

In addition to those, you will need to defeat the Gojo boss on Alina Island after acquiring these items before you can craft the specs themselves. You must also be at least level 800.

It is recommended that you head over to Alina Island first to check which NPCs are present at the moment. This will help you avoid grinding for stuff that is currently unobtainable.

Z Piece standing beside the Gojo boss on alina island

Fire Arrow & Cleave

After retrieving Sukuna’s Heart and Sukuna Finger, head over to Alina Island. From there, defeat the Gojo boss that respawned every hour.

Upon defeating the boss, simply walk over to the Fire Arrow NPC and Cleave NPC to claim their respective specs in exchange for the required materials.

If the Fire Arrow NPC is not around, the Flame Arrow NPC will be in its place, and you can get a similar spec with different requirements. Check out our Mythical Flame Arrow guide for more information.

Z Piece alina island fire arrow and cleave NPC sitting near each other

Fire Arrow has a cooldown of 10 seconds and is a relatively low-damage ranged attack. Cleave, on the other hand, is an area of effect attack with a fast cooldown that deals damage all around the user.

Z Piece showcasing the fire arrow and cleave abilities

Malevolent Shrine Spec

In addition to the previous two specs, you may be able to get Malevolent Shrine once you reach at least level 800. All you need is to have a Sukuna Finger (a spare if you needed one for Cleave).

The NPC to claim it from, if they are there, is the Sukuna NPC also on Alina Island. If you have all of the required items and defeated the Gojo boss, you can claim it just like the previous ones.

It has a cooldown of three minutes, but it is also incredibly powerful and lasts for 20 seconds. It deals a ton of damage in a large area around the caster.

Z Piece charging up and using the malevolent shrine ability

And those are all of the Sukuna specs that you can acquire in Z Piece. Even though some of these might be unobtainable, you can still get them with Robux if you so desire. Check out our guide on how to get Haki as well!


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