Pet Simulator 99: All Secret Revealed

That’s a lot of secrets!

Pet Simulator 99 All Secret Revealed

Developers often leave some secrets and hidden areas in their games for players to stumble upon. Some players even try and find these secrets just to see if they’re there.

In Pet Simulator 99, there are a lot of different secrets to find, and some aren’t even made by the developers. Some of the secrets we’ll show are fun little bugs and glitches.

In this guide, we’ll show you where you can find all the secrets in Pet Simulator 99. Now let’s see what these secrets are!

All Secret Revealed

There are a lot of different secrets in Pet Simulator 99, some of them made by the developers and others made by players. All of them can be tough to find though and not all of them are useful. Still, if you want to find them all then here’s a list of the most interesting ones!

Golden Huge Angel Dog

One of the rarest pets that you can get in the game is the Golden Huge Angel Dog. Only 2 of them exist right now and there’s a way to get it, all you need is all the luck in the world!

You can only get this pet when you get the “Is It Real” achievement in the game. To get that, you’ll need to reach the secret area on top of the stairway to heaven. The catch is, the area’s spawn chance is 1 in a million, so good luck!

Pet Simulator 99 Golden Huge Angel Dog

Name Your Pet Joe

When you hover over the Nametag item in your inventory, you’ll see a small description of the item. There, it warns us to not name the pet Joe and why is that?

If you use a nametag on a pet and name it “Joe” it’ll automatically change to “Joe Mama” which is a little joke from the developers.

Pet Simulator 99 Nametag

Developer Ohio Easter Egg

When you go to the Tiki Area, next to the Rebirth Area and jump up the rocks behind the golden pet, you’ll see a secret. Off in the distance is a small platform that says, “Welcome to Ohio”, where you can see one of the developer’s characters on it.

Pet Simulator 99 Secret Developer Easter Egg

Pets Around The Map

When you’re running around the map in the game, you might find some pets running around. One of the buildings near where the eggs are is where you can find one. From time to time, a monkey will get out of a house there and move to another one.

Pet Simulator 99 Monkey Pet

Another pet is in the Wild West (Area #33) area where you can find an outhouse. Sometimes the door will open and you can see a cat pet on the toilet.

Pet Simulator 99 Cat On Toilet

Hidden Developer Cameos

There are two developers in Pet Simulator 99 that is in charge of making the areas in the game. They’ve hidden themselves in their creations from time to time, like this one shown below. You can find him in Area #65 behind one of the houses.

Pet Simulator 99 Developer 1

Another one can be found in the #67 Area just lying on the snowy hill.

Pet Simulator 99 Developer 2

Empty Tree

In Area #15 the Enchanted Forest map, you’ll find a large tree there with a door at the base. When you interact with the door, you’ll get a message. The message says, “Sounds Like An Empty Tree…”

It might be an area the developers are planning to implement in future updates.

Pet Simulator 99 Sounds Like An Empty Tree

Obby Minigame Secrets

In the Pyramid Obby, you can go to the area where there are fists that try to launch you off the platform. You can glitch your way inside them by timing and placing yourself behind the hand when it goes back.

Pet Simulator 99 Inside Pyramid Obby Fist

In Area #11 Crystal Caverns Obby, there’s the minefield. You can go to either side of the mines and continuously jump and go sideways avoiding the minigame altogether. There’s still a chance of you exploding but you can get close to the end!

Pet Simulator 99 Minefield Exploit

Using The Max Amount Of Items

Most players usually go to their inventory and click on an item to use them. When it’s a consumable, usually, you only use one of them and you’ll need to click a bunch of times to use more.

Some of the items can be right-clicked and a small menu will appear. There, you can choose to use/eat 5 of the items or eat/use the maximum amount. Saves you a lot of time!

Pet Simulator 99 Eat Max

NOTE: This trick doesn’t work with items like Potions but they’re still important to have, so here’s a guide on how to upgrade potions!

Skip The Spins

When you’re doing the Spinny Wheel minigame in Pet Simulator 99, it might take a while to use all your tickets. That’s because you usually have to wait for the spinner to stop and point at the item.

To make this faster, you can click on the Spin button and click on the X button on the upper right of the window. This will close the window and immediately reward you without waiting for the spinner to stop.

Pet Simulator 99 Spinny Wheel

Titanic Silver Dragon In Obby

This is more of a glitch or an exploit and you’ll need a Hoverboard and the rare Titanic Silver Dragon pet.

Before going to an Obby, you’ll want to get the pet out and make sure you can mount it. Get on your Hoverboard and while on it, click on the Titanic Silver Dragon to ride it.

When you’re on the pet, click on the Hoverboard button on the left to go back to your hoverboard. Finally, go into an Obby and when done right, you’ll be riding an invisible Titanic Silver Dragon.

You can then use the flying ability to skip most of the Obby and finish them fast!

Pet Simulator 99 Invisible Mount

Free To Play Diamond Breakables

One of the daily quests that can be annoying for F2P players is the one where you need to get a lot of Diamond Breakables.

If you want to do this quickly without paying for the VIP area, then the best place is in Area #25 Tiki. It’s the area with the most diamond drops for F2P players.

SIDE NOTE: Farming Diamonds in this game can be a drag so here’s a detailed walkthrough on how to farm diamonds efficiently!

Pet Simulator 99 Tiki Diamond

Twitter/X Verification

There’s a bonus in the game that you can get when you verify your Twitter or X account in the game. Some people can’t have it though, maybe because you’ve already used an account, aren’t old enough or someone else used your account.

Whatever the case may be, you can just type any Twitter name there, even non-existing. If they aren’t verified by the game, you can get it verified and claim the rewards!

Pet Simulator 99 Successfully Verified

Those are all the secrets revealed in Pet Simulator 99. Now. go out there and try to find all of them in the game! For more secrets, make sure to check out our first guide on hidden secrets of Pet Simulator 99!

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