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Halo Infinite: All 9 Escharum’s Testimony Banished Audio Log Locations

Get all Banished Audio Logs in Escharum’s Testimony!

The Banished Audio Logs are collectibles in the map that you can only find by following a beeping sound. This guide will show you all the locations of the Banished Audio Logs in Escharum’s Testimony so you can collect them all. 

Escharum’s Testimony Banished Audio Logs Locations

During the Warship mission while you are in the bridge, go to the path to your right until you see the 1st Audio Log on the ground. In the foundation mission, go north the panel and you will find the 2nd Audio log next to the door. 

In the house of reckoning, go up the elevator, and in the next area, you will find the 3rd Audio Log next to a gun hologram. You will find the 4th Audio Log on the ground in the House of Reckoning area guarded by 2 Holograms. 

Go to the southeast of the tower, and enter one of the pods to get the 5th Audio Log. Head southeast of the Excavation site and use the Gravity Lift. Follow the hallway to the north until you find the 6th Audio Log. 

You can find the 7th Audio Log to the southeast of the Gun Battery, on top of the table in the building. Go south of the Gun Battery in Pelican Down to find the 8th Audio Log inside the building. 

Head northeast of Pelican Down and enter the building to your left. The last Audio Log is on the ground near the wall. 

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