Pet Simulator 99: Elf On The Shelf Location Day 11

Where could they be hiding now?

Pet Simulator 99 Elf On The Shelf

There’s been a work-related incident back at Santa’s workshop, the elves have escaped out into the wilderness which is Pet Simulator 99 and are in constant hiding. Now, everyone playing the game is being outsourced into hunting them down in exchange for sizeable rewards.

Given that there’s over a hundred areas for you to explore in the game, finding an elf in hiding every day can be quite difficult, especially if you have dailies to do.

But not to worry, check out the quick guide below to find out where the Day 11 Elf is hiding!

Elf On The Shelf Location Day 11

The 11th Elf On The Shelf is brought to you by hell, well the Underworld Bridge to be exact. That’s the area between the Underworld and Underworld Castle.

The elf will be hiding right next one of the farms so spotting him in the area might take a little bit of effort.

Pet Simulator 99 Teleport Map

Find the vending machine for Rare Potions once you’ve landed in the Underworld Area. When you do, go across the farm and go forward a little bit.

Head for the direction of the pillar on the right and you’ll see an Elf minding their own business. Tell it to get back to work and collect your rewards for the day.

Pet Simulator 99 Underworld

And that’s the Day 11 Elf On The Shelffor Pet Simulator 99. Don’t forget to come back the next day to get your big holiday reward!

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Pet Simulator 99 Elf On The Shelf Location

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