Pet Simulator 99: How to Complete Every Achievement Guide

Finish all of these objectives as fast as you can!

In Pet Simulator 99, there are a lot of achievements that you can work towards that will give you some rewards. These can range from free diamonds to all sorts of other freebies like enchants and potions. In this guide, we’ll quickly show you how to get every single achievement in the game!

How to Complete Every Achievement Guide

As of writing this, there are a total of 80 achievements in Pet Simulator 99. This number can always go up in future updates, but for now, you already have a lot of goals to try and reach.

Some of these are very straightforward and can be completed as you passively play the game, while others can be done much faster with certain methods.

Balloon Gifts Achievements

There are a few achievements tied to the Balloon Gifts that were added in Update 5 of Pet Simulator 99. There is no known way to speed up the process, so this will take a lot of time and luck to complete.

The following are the objectives for these achievements, as well as their rewards:

  • Balloon Popper – Pop 50 Balloon Gifts to receive 25 Gift Bags.
  • Air Head – Pop 500 Balloon Gifts to get 25 Large Gift Bags.
  • Balloon Obsession – Pop 5,000 Balloon Gifts to get 25 Mini Chests.
Pet Simulator 99 player claiming their balloon gift

Breakables Achevements

This category should be easy to finish and will very likely be completed passively by most players who are just grinding normally. Basically, just play the game as intended and it should be done in no time.

Here are the milestones you need to reach:

  • Feeling Destructive – Break 15,000 breakables and get 20 TNT, 8 Squeaky Toys, and 20 Toy Bones.
  • Breaking Breakables – Break 50,000 breakables for 30,000 Diamonds and 3 TNT Crates.
  • Wrecking Ball – Break 250,000 breakables to receive 90,000 Diamonds and the Dragon Booth.
  • Break-athlon – Break 500,000 breakables for 125,000 Diamonds and 2 Midas Touch Enchants.
  • One Million Breakables – As the name implies, break a million breakables and get the Royalty Charm.

Big Chests Achievements

These ones require you to find and break Big Chests all around the map. For these, you’ll have to check the Teleport Map for zones that have the chest icon under them.

It will take you a lot of time to finish this too because these chests respawn slowly. The best tip we can give is to server hop if you want to actively grind it. Here are the objectives:

  • Treasure Hunter – Break 150 Big Chests and get 5 Gift Bags.
  • Chest Opening Spree – Break 500 Big Chests and get 4x Damage Potion V and 7 Gift Bags.
  • Chest Fest – Break 1,500 Big Chests to receive 3x Damage Potion VI and 5 Large Gift Bags.
  • Chests Chests Chests – Break 5,000 Big Chests to get the Chest Breaker enchantment and 5 Large Gift Bags.
Pet Simulator 99 player checking how long a chest will respawn

Comets Achievements

The comet achievements are similarly slow as they mainly randomly fall from the sky and take some time to break. There are ways to summon them manually, but this is not a reliable method of grinding them either.

Here are all of the comet achievements in the game:

  • Comets – Break 250 comets to get 7 comets (basically manual spawns for more comets).
  • Comet Shower – Break 1,500 comets to get 25 comets and 5x Treasure Hunter Potions.
  • Comet Enthusiast – Break 5,000 comets and receive the Starfall enchantment.

Mini Chests Achievements

Mini chests can spawn in the place of normal breakables in the game, so these are not as difficult as other objectives in the game. Playing the game normally can get you these achievements over time.

With that in mind, here are the goals and rewards for this set of achievements:

  • What’s in the Box? – Break 200 mini chests to get 10,000 Gems.
  • Tiny Treasure – Break 750 mini chests and get a single Damage Potion IV.
  • Mini Chest Extravaganza – Break 2,000 mini chests and get 35,000 Diamonds and 2 Large Gift Bags.
  • Mini Chest Mayhem – Break 7,500 mini chests to receive 5 Large Gift Bags and 90,000 Diamonds.
  • Mini Chest Insanity – Break a whopping 20,000 mini chests to get the Corgi Booth and 100,000 Diamonds.

Coin Jar Achievements

All you have to do for this one is spawn coin jars as you grind through the areas normally. This way, you can passively finish these achievements as you level up.

Aside from spawning randomly, there are many ways to get coin jars, such as through random loot bags or buying them from merchants. With that in mind, here are the objectives:

  • Piggy Bank – Fill 175 coin jars to get 15 basic coin jars & 5 magic ones.
  • Jar Head – Fill 1,000 coin jars to get 25 basic coin jars & 10 giant ones.
  • Jar Factory – Fill 5,000 coin jars to get 35 giant coin jars and 70,500 Diamonds.
Pet Simulator 99 player filling up a giant coin jar

Daycare Achievements

The Daycare can be found at the Beach zone (Area 20). There, you can enroll pets based on how many slots you have (you can get more with Robux).

For the following achievements, you will have to keep returning to this location and repeating the enrollment process over time. Here are the objectives:

  • Happy Pets – Enroll 200 pets to get 8x Coins III Potions, 8x Damage III Potions, and 8x Lucky III Potions.
  • Attendance – Enroll 900 pets and receive the Happy Pets enchantment and 8 Toy Balls.
  • Playground – Enroll 2,500 pets and get 5 Fortune Flags, 14 Toy Balls, and 14 Toy Bones.
  • Pet Incubator – Enroll 7,500 pets total and be rewarded with 15 Large Gift Bags and 10 Crystal Keys.

Stairway to Heaven Achievements

For this pair of achievements, refer to our All Hidden Secrets in Pet Simulator 99 guide. Basically, you will need to visit the secret Stairway to Heaven location and somehow reach the end of it.

Here are the goals:

  • Falling Down – Enter the Stairway to Heaven zone to get 777 Diamonds.
  • Is it Real? – Somehow reach the end of the Stairway to Heaven to get a Golden Huge Angel Dog. Be warned, however, that most players do not believe that this achievement is possible.

Fishing Achievements

As the category’s name implies, this set simply involves having to participate in the Fishing minigame. This will take quite a lot of time, but it is otherwise very straightforward and easy to complete.

  • Gone Fishin’ – Catch 300 fish and receive a meager 1,000 Diamonds.
  • Reely Ridiculous – Catch 2,500 fish and get 5 Nametags.
  • The Codfather – Catch a whopping 10,000 fish and get the unique Fishing Booth.
Pet Simulator 99 player participating in the fishing minigame

Free Gifts Achievements

Funnily enough, there is an achievement for just claiming free rewards that are given to you over time as you leave the game open. Just play the game normally and you should finish the following goals over time:

  • Daily Grind – Claim 100 free gifts and get 10 Gift Bags.
  • Stealing From Santa – Claim 450 free gifts to get 25,000 Diamonds and 25 Gift Bags.
  • Birthday Bash – Claim 1,500 free gifts and receive 20 Large Gift Bags.

Fruit Achievements

There are various fruits in the game that provide you with different passive buffs. They can be acquired through different means, such as the vending machine or from gift bags and breakables.

Having said that, here are the milestones that you have to reach:

  • Apple a Day – Eat 250 fruit and receive 15 Bananas, 15 Pineapples, and 15 Oranges.
  • Banana Bunch – Eat 1,000 fruit and get 30 Rainbow Fruits and 10,000 Diamonds.
  • Fruit Fiesta – Eat 4,500 fruit to receive the Hippomelon Booth.
  • Fruit Fever – Eat 10,000 fruit and get the special Watermelon Hoverboard.

Fuse Machine Achievements

This is a very time-consuming set as you basically just need to sit by the Fuse Machine at the Shanty Town (zone #28) and combine pets for hours on end. Here are the achievements:

  • Fusion Frenzy – Combinea total of 800 pets and get 3x Treasure Hunter IV Potions and 1 Treasure Hunter V Potion.
  • Mad Scientist – Use the Fuse Machine to create 4,000 pets and get the Steampunjk Hoverboard and 5x Treasure Hunter V Potions.
Pet Simulator 99 player successfully fusing a new pet

Gold Achievements

This one is pretty simple, as you only need to convert regular pets using the Gold Pets Machine in the Mine (zone #10). You can start doing this with pets that you get from the very first egg if you want.

  • All That Glitters – Create 1,750 gold pets and get 5x Damage V Potions.
  • Midas Touch – Create 7,500 gold pets and receive the special Gold Booth.

Magic Machine Achievements

The Magic Machine was added in the recent Update 5, and these achievements basically need you to use it repeatedly. Check out our guide on Pet Simulator 99’s Magic Machine to learn more about it.

Here are all of the objectives for this set:

  • Magic Trick – Use the Magic Machine 100 times and get 2x Magic Orb enchantments.
  • I Got the Magic – Use the machine 350 times and receive an XP Charm, TNT Charm, and Overload Charm.

Merch Code Achievements

This one has an honestly ridiculous requirement, as merch codes can only be acquired by buying plushies from the developer’s actual online retail store.

As such, you will need to spend a lot of real world money (possibly upwards to a thousand dollars or more) for this one. For the sake of completion, here are the objectives for this set:

  • Code Cracker – Redeem 1 merch code and get the Pinata Hoverboard and Lightning Booth.
  • Super Haul – Redeem 5 merch codes to get the Rainbow Hoverboard.
  • Unboxing Pro – Redeem 20 merch codes and receive the Oversized Hoverboard.
Pet Simulator 99 merch store showing some of the items on sale

Merchant Achievements

For this set, all you have to do is buy from merchants all around the map. Consider checking out our guide on merchant reputation in Pet Simulator 99 as well, since you’ll be grinding that anyway if you want the following achievements:

  • Frequent Shopper – Buy 150 items from merchants and get 10 Gift Bags.
  • Full Cart – Buy 700 items from merchants and get 5 Large Gift Bags.
  • Loyal Customer – Buy 2,500 items from merchants to receive the Merchant Booth and 10 Large Gift Bags.

Egg Achievements

These objectives are possibly some of the easiest to get due to the fact that you will be hatching eggs all throughout your Pet Simulator 99 career anyway. Here are the objectives you need to do:

  • Eggcessive – Open 5,000 eggs and get 20x Lucky III Potions.
  • Eggsecutive – Open 25,000 eggs and get 20x Lucky IV Potions.
  • Eggconomy – Open 90,000 eggs to receive 20x Lucky V Potions.
  • Eggspert – Open 250,000 eggs and get 20x Lucky V Potions and the Lucky Eggs V enchantment.
  • Eggstravaganza – Open 750,000 eggs and receive the Egg Booth and Huge Hunter enchantment.

Orb Achievements

The speed in which you can get these achievements will solely depend on how fast your team can grind in any given zone. Basically, just sit AFK in the best spot you can grind for these objectives:

  • Orb Magnet – Collect 400,000 orbs to get the Magnet II enchantment and 5,000 Diamonds.
  • So Many Orbs – Collect 2,000,000 orbs and receive 12,500 Diamonds and 5 Gift bags
  • Orb Volcano – Collect 10,000,000 orbs to get 4 Large Gift Bags and the Magnet III enchantment.
  • Orbs Overflowing – Collect 20,000,000 orbs and get 4 Large Gift Bags and 3 Spinny Wheel Tickets.
  • The Orb God – Collect 50,000,000 orbs to get the unique Balloon Booth and 55,000 Diamonds.
Pet Simulator 99 player grinding pinatas and other breakables for resources

Rainbow Achievements

Similar to the Gold Achievements a few categories above, this one will require you to use the Rainbow Machine at the Desert Pyramids (zone #31).

Basically, just convert gold pets (which you may have a lot of if you did earlier objectives) into rainbow pets to get the following achievements:

  • Double Rainbow – Convert 1,000 pets to get 5x Damage IV Potions, 5x Coins IV Potions, and 5x Lucky IV Potions.
  • Refraction – Convert 5,000 pets and receive the special Rainbow Booth.

Shiny Achievements

This one basically involves getting lucky and hatching shiny pets. In order to raise your chances of success, you should collect all the shiny relics scattered across the map.

Check out our guides for all the Shiny Relic locations in Pet Simulator 99 and how to find the ones added in Update 5. Here are the milestones to go after:

  • Gleaming – Hatch 250 shiny pets and receive 10x Lucky IV Potions as well as 3x Lucky V Potions.
  • Blinding Light – Hatch 2,000 shiny pets to get the Shiny Hunter enchantment.

Enchant Achievements

This set of achievements will require you to upgrade enchantments at the designated machine in the Crimson Forest (zone #16). Basically, combine existing enchantments over and over again until you get the following:

  • Spellbook – Upgrade 125 enchantments to receive 10 Comets and 15,000 Diamonds.
  • Magic Wand – Upgrade 1,000 enchantments and get the Lightning enchantment and 25,000 Diamonds.
  • Mystic Merging – Upgrade 5,000 enchantments and be rewarded with the Super Lightning enchantment.

Potion Achievements

Similar to the previous one, this set involves upgrading potions at the machine in the Dark Forest (zone #13). Again, just keep upgrading potions until the following objectives have been met:

  • Pixie Dust – Upgrade 200 potions and get 8x Coins IV Potions, 15x Damage III Potions, and 15x Treasure Hunter III Potions.
  • Abracadabra – Upgrade 1,500 potions and receive 8x Diamonds III Potions as well as The Cocktail (tradeable boost).
  • Sorcerer Supreme – Upgrade 7,500 potions and get 10x The Cocktail.
Pet Simulator 99 player standing beside the potion upgrading machine

Vending Machine Achievements

For these achievements, all you have to do is buy items from vending machines. These can be found all around the map, and you’ll likely be completing this passively as you do other achievements.

With that said, here are the milestones to get:

  • Vending Spree – Purchase 300 items and get 10 TNT, 5 Squeaky Toys and 5 Rainbow Fruits
  • Coin Drain – Buy 1,500 items and receive 5 TNT Crates, 5 Fortune Flags, and 5 Gift Bags.
  • Vend and Repeat – Buy 8,000 items to get the Doodle Hoverboard and 8 Spinny Wheel Tickets.

Pinata Achievements

These objectives will need you to break Pinatas repeatedly all around the map. Check out our guide on how to get Pinatas fast in Pet Simulator 99 for help in getting the following achievements:

  • Pinatas – Break 250 Pinatas to get 10 Pinatas.
  • Pinata Time – Break 1,250 Pinatas and get 25 Pinatas and 5x Damage Potion VI.
  • Pinata Fiesta – Break 4,000 Pinatas to get the Large Taps enchantment that increases your tap radius.

Flags Achievements

Finally, these achievements will require you to put down flags that you can get as a reward from obstacle courses, random drops, or bought from merchants.

Here are the milestones you need to accomplish:

  • Team Player – Place down 250 flags and get 15x Coins Flags, 15x Diamonds Flags, and 15x Magnet Flags.
  • Ceremony – Place down 1,000 flags to get 15x Fortune Flags and 17,500 Diamonds.
  • Flag Master – Place down 5,000 flags and get 25x Exotic Treasure Flags.
Pet Simulator 99 flag achievements menu showing all the requirements and rewards

And those are all of the achievements as of the latest update of Pet Simulator 99. As you’re grinding away for these objectives, make sure to check out our article on the possible leaked features of Pet Simulator 99’s next update for more stuff to look forward to in the future!


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