Petal Lit Ships Fish For The Moon – Genshin Impact

Retrieve all the missing items of the Jade Chamber!

The Jade Chamber sacrifice for defeating Osial was truly a noble move by Ningguang. However, along with the Jade Chamber’s crash are precious items scattered around the Guyun Stone Forest. Collect all the missing items for this event!

Petal Lit Ships Fish For the Moon— Genshin Impact

Select the event in the menu to start the quest. Start by heading to the Jade Chamber in Mt.Tianheng to talk to Ningguang. After talking to her, teleport to the Crux ship in the Guyun Stone Forest and talk to Beidou.

Next, teleport to the domain of Guyun and go to the quest area to summon your Waverider. Go inside your Waverider and start going south to the quest area on the map.

Attack the treasure hoarders using your Waverider and pick up the treasure on the water.

Head towards the small islet where the treasure hoarders are to unlock the Interrogation event. Defeat all the treasure hoarders here and pick up all 3 wooden boxes on the camp.

Go back to your Waverider and follow the quest area, picking up a total of 5 wooden boxes floating on the water. Go to the quest area and follow the treasure hoarders to encounter a cutscene.

Defeat all the treasure hoarders again and clear out the camp.

Report back to Ningguang in the Jade Chamber to complete the quest.

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