Interrogation by Night Guide – Genshin Impact

Defeat the treasure hoarders and reclaim the treasures of the Jade Chamber!

The Jade Chamber is finally being rebuilt, but Treasure Hoarders stole items from the Jade Chamber’s collection. It is up to you to defeat the treasure hoarders and retrieve the items for the Jade Chamber. This guide will show you how you can complete the Interrogation by Night quest.

Interrogation by Night — Genshin Impact

Select The Great Gathering challenge and click on the Interrogation by Night Challenge. Select Go to Challenge which takes place in the Guyun Stone Forest. Use the teleport waypoint and go to the challenge area.

Defeat all the enemy treasure hoarders in the area and pick up the box near the camp.

Go to the next treasure hoarder camp which is just east of the first one. Like before, defeat all the treasure hoarders and collect the unsealed box in the middle of the camp.

The last treasure hoarder camp is north of the Domain of Guyun. Defeat all the treasure hoarders and get the box next to the wooden crate.

For your rewards, you will get 120 Immaculate talismans, 3 Hero’s Wit, and 30,000 Mora for each camp you complete.

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