Phantom Forces: How To BHOP & Leapslide (Movement Guide)

Slide and leap to get the upper hand on the enemy!

If you’re a fan of fast-paced shooters and tactical warfare, then Roblox Phantom Forces is the game for you. Team up, strategize, and build your battle loadout to beat the enemy team in this first-person PvP shootout. In a game like Phantom Forces, maneuvering your way through the battlefield is the key to winning the match and staying alive, which is why I’m here to tell you how to BHOP and Leapslide in this movement guide.

How To BHOP and Leapslide|Movement

The recent movement updates in Phantom Forces include Stamina features that make BHOP and Leapsliding possible. This comes along with the keybinding update for a customizable gameplay experience. I’m going to talk about how to set your key binds to maximize your mobility in the game.

This is just a still from Phantom Forces.


To BHOP, set up the following keybindings:

  • Lower Stance – C or Left Ctrl
  • Dive – Z
  • Slide – Left Ctrl or C

Lower stance and Slide are interchangeable. What matters is that you key bind both moves to either of the two keys to make them easier for you to reach and execute in succession. When you hit these keys in succession, any slide that you do makes you prone.

After this, enable stamina movement. You can do this by opening settings and scrolling to the Gameplay drop-down. Tick the box “True” next to Toggle Stamina Movement to enable this setting. Doing this will buff your cooldowns significantly.

Tweak these settings to set your stamina movement.l


To Leapslide, set up the following keybindings:

  • Jump no vault – Space or C

Now when you spawn in, press Space + C while sprinting, and press Shift before you land. Leapsliding allows you to jump from an empslide with the ability to zingus at the end like a jump slide, allowing for better mobility when facing an opponent in open spaces.

And that’s how to BHOP and Landslide in this new update of Phantom Forces. If you want to get better at maneuvering the game, check out our Best Movement guide for more awesome info!


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