Phantom Forces: BEST Movement Guide

All the Moves!

In Phantom Forces, you will need to be fast to win the battle against your opponents. However, being fast might not be enough, and you might need to learn some special moves as well. Luckily, we got you covered! In this Phantom Forces: BEST Movement Guide, we are going to explain every useful move that you can use in the game.

BEST Movement Guide

In the Phantom Forces, you are going to want to know how to move in the game to be faster than every other player and outskill them. To do that, there are some things that you can learn and use to your advantage.

In this guide, we are going to talk about all of them. Check out the list below to see everything we are going to cover.

  1. EMP Sliding
  2. Zingus Sliding
  3. Super Jump
  4. Standing Super Jump
  5. Ladder Headglitch
  6. Ladder Boost
  7. Ladder Launch
  8. Chair Boost
  9. Launch Tech
  10. Vault Dive

Now, keep in mind that all of the moves we are going to talk about require practice. You are not going to be able to become professional at using them as soon as you learn them, and that is totally okay. Remember that practice makes it perfect!

Phantom Forces BEST Movement Guide

EMP Sliding

  • Standing Slide (C) > Jump > Shift

This is the fastest way to move around the map. Once you learn how to use this move, you are going to reach the enemy spawn quicker than anyone else in the game. It is also pretty easy to do. All you need to do is do a standing slide first and then jump.

To do a Standing Slide, press C, immediately press on space, and make sure to let go of the shift before doing the jump. Do the jump at the end of the Standing Slide and use the shift after it to get a little bit of boost.

This way, you can jump on top of objects that are a little bit too tall for normal jumping. If you do not want to use the super jump, then just do a normal slide.

EMP Sliding

Zingus Sliding

  • Get to an elevated spot > Slide > Shift

Even though this move is nerfed in the game, it is still pretty important and convenient. In order to do this move, you should find yourself an elevated spot, slide off, let go of the shift, and press shift again just when you touch the ground.

If you would like to carry this farther than you would normally be able to, you can vault mid-zingus slide. This will allow you to carry the energy farther and cover a greater distance.

You can vault off of anything as small as this, but you must be at an elevated position in order to receive the slight speed boost.

Phantom Forces BEST Movement Guide

Super Jump

  • Hold Shift > Jump > Press Z or X

When you get the hang of it, you will find that it is very helpful on a map like Warehouse because all the walls are the ideal height for super jumping.

To perform the actual jump, hold shift, press space, and then dive. You don’t have to be moving in any particular direction; as long as you’re holding shift, you can dive.

When timing your super jump for the maximum height, you want to press dive just before you reach the jump’s peak.


Standing Super Jump

  • Normal jump + ADS (Right Click)

The only thing you have to do is press your ads button after you dive. If you want to jump off super high, you must first turn your mouse in the direction you want to jump, then press Z. If you don’t do that, you will just end up jumping forward.

Phantom Forces BEST Movement Guide

Ladder Headglitch

  • Look directly up or down > Start climbing

Start climbing the ladder straight up, and your gun will be ready no matter what. Because normally when you attach to a ladder, your gun aims down, and you can’t shoot. To be able to do a move on the ladder, make sure it’s on a slant.

Ladder Headglitch

Ladder Boost

  • Look down and climb the ladder backward, hold space.

To do a ladder boost, all you need to do is to climb the ladder facing backward and down, then hold the space key. You cannot jump on the ladder; you will have to walk to it.

Phantom Forces BEST Movement Guide

Ladder Launch

  • Approach the ladder from 45 angle > Standing Slide > Right Click > Space

Launch yourself up into the air and you can do trick shots off of it. It is not that useful but a good one to keep in mind.

To do that, line yourself up at a 45° angle (slightly turn your camera to the ladder) from the ladder either from the right or left, then do a standing slide into the ladder and right-click when you start climbing the ladder and press space.

Phantom Forces BEST Movement Guide

Chair Boost

  • Standing slide directly into the chair > Press Space

You can land on the rooftop using this trick. All you need to do is a standing slide into the chair as you start to climb the back of the chair. Then, press space and you are going to fly up in the air.

Chair Boost

Launch Tech

  • Standing Slide into the object > ADS > Jump

You just need to do a standing slide ADS and then jump right as you start to climb the table. It is easy to do but you are going to need to do a little bit of practice.

Phantom Forces BEST Movement Guide

Vault Dive

  • Run to a window > Vault over it > Release Shift > Press Space > Press Z/X

Approach the window and right as you hit it, vault. Release the shift when you vault out of the window.

After you vault, wait about a half second until you are up in the air, then press space, shift, and Z.


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That sums it up for our Phantom Forces: BEST Movement Guide. Remember that you are going to need to do some practice before you can easily do all the moves we mentioned throughout the guide. We hope that you found this article useful, if you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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