Piggy Roblox: How To Escape House.Exe Guide + Tips & Tricks

It’s time to escape House.exe!

Bot exe in Piggy Roblox
Uh oh . . .

April Fools can be a whole lot of fun, especially in the Roblox world! Plenty of developers for the platform usually have some interesting updates to celebrate April Fools — and Piggy Roblox is no exception. However, Piggy Roblox decided to spice things up by adding a horror-oriented update in the form of House.Exe. So, I’m here to help you with this how to escape House.exe guide + tips & tricks to ensure that you escape with your hide intact! Things are going to get pretty crazy, so I’m just going to get right into it!

How To Escape House.Exe Guide + Tips & Tricks

Keep in mind that in order to simplify things as much as possible, we’re going to tackle House.exe with the bot.exe going after you. This is for all the players out there that want to handle things on their own! Of course, once you add other players to the mix things immediately take a different turn, but I’m going to try to make this guide as simple to follow as possible.

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Piggy voting in Piggy Roblox
Naturally, votes will make things different.

Once you manage to get in the game mode, you’re introduced to a neat little cutscene, and you’re plopped right into the thick of things. The idea now is to activate the locked lift you’re standing on. To do that, you’ll need the green key. Fortunately, it’s easy to find:

Finding the house with the key in Piggy Roblox
Right there!

Once you’ve grabbed the green key from there, head back to the same place you started and use the key. It should immediately activate the lift, taking you down to House.exe.

Entering the house in Piggy Roblox
Here we go!

Before we get started, it’s important to learn two things:

  • There will be jumpscares
  • You’ll need to use the decoy skill to distract the Bot.exe
  • You can only hold one item at a time

As far as the jumpscares go, they’re pretty much just PNGs of various things. Sometimes it’s a killer piggy, sometimes it’s a funny face. Also, sometimes it’s a toilet. Whatever the case, it’s actually not that scary, but it can be pretty distracting. Now that we’ve got that out of the way:

Let’s get you out of here!

The first order of business is to interact with the flashlight as soon as you enter the room so you’ve got a way of seeing what’s in front of you. Plus, you can’t really have a fantastic horror game without a flashlight. That’s like a horror staple. Of course, I wish that they had just given you a flashlight, but this is the next best thing.

The flashlight in Piggy Roblox
Let there be (flash)light!

Once you’ve clicked that, the next order of business is to find the orange key, which is right next to the flashlight.

Keep in mind that next to the flashlight is a well, which will plan an important role later.

That said, you’ll likely already be chased by the bot.exe at this point, so one tip is to just run around in circles in whatever room you’re in.

The orange key in Piggy Roblox
Pretty easy to find.

That way, you’ll gather your bearings and you’ll get a better idea of what the room is like without necessarily letting the bot.exe end your night early. Of course, you can also use the decoy skill, which is right here:

Decoy skill in Piggy Roblox
Use this often.

It’ll make sure to keep the bot.exe busy and let you move around a little easier. Of course, it takes stamina, which will replenish over time. You can’t always use it, so just follow my earlier advice and walk about in circles.

Anyway, once you’ve gotten the orange key, it’s time to head to the basement. The easiest way to do this is to hug the wall until you come across an opening that isn’t the one you came from. If you’re looking at things from the image above, then the doorway is to your right and elevated slightly.

The doorway in Piggy Roblox
Time to keep going!

You’ll need to open the door at the end of the little hallway to continue. The bot.exe is probably hot on your tail, but there’s no need to fret. Once you’ve opened the door, head to the left opening, then immediately hug the right wall until you come across a door. It should be nearby:

the hallway in Piggy Roblox
Hug that wall!

Once you’ve entered that door, you’ll come across a room with a keypad lock and planks which we’ll get to later on. For now, immediately head to the door to your right, which should take you to the basement.

The room with the locked door in Piggy Roblox
You’ll be in this place often.

Once you head down the staircase, you’ll immediately see a locked door to your right, which can be opened by the orange key. You know what to do, just use your key to unlock the door.

Orange door in Piggy Roblox
Orange you glad it’s easy to find?

After that, it’s a pretty straightforward path to a creepy room with what looks to be pods containing the same monster chasing you. This room is pretty much a dead end outside of a storage room, which you should open because it has a hammer — which you need.

There is also a green gear item in this area; you’ll need it for later.

The hammer in Piggy Roblox
Super important!

Easy so far, right? Okay, I know that really isn’t the case because this whole time you’ve had a monster with a bat chasing you. Still though, you’ve done a good job so far.

It’s time to head back up the stairs to the same room I mentioned earlier with the locked door and planks. You’ll be able to use the hammer to remove the planks, which solves one part of the House.exe puzzle.

Door with the keypad in Piggy Roblox
Down with ye, planks!

As soon as you remove the planks, immediately head to the door to your left, and hug the left wall until you reach a doorway that contains the red key.

IMPORTANT: Remember the place where you left your hammer, because you can only hold one item at a time.

The red key in Piggy Roblox
Here’s the red key.

Once you’ve grabbed the key, head back to the area with the keypad locked door and head upstairs.

The staircase up in Piggy Roblox
Right here!

Fortunately, your destination is easy enough because you’ll want to head up yet another flight of stairs, so just keep hugging the right side until you reach the door that needs the red key.

The red key door in Piggy Roblox
Seeing red yet?

Since it’s just a storage room, you won’t really find much in there outside of the cyan key. I won’t bother with an image here since that’s the only thing inside the room.

Keep going!

Okay, now that we’ve gotten the cyan key, you need to head back to where you first found the flashlight. I know that’s kind of confusing considering how far we’ve come, but I have a little shortcut for you at least. Right across the door you unlocked is a little opening that you can crawl through with the CTRL key.

The little opening in Piggy Roblox
Pretty neat shortcut.

I want you to go ahead and squeeze through that opening, which should have you plummet down to where you need to be. Once you drop down, head straight through the doorway at the end of the hall, and then enter the room to the left. It’s the same place you entered earlier, but now you’ll have to jump through this window:

The window in Piggy Roblox
Through the window we go!

Right next to the flashlight is a locked door that needs the cyan key. Open it, and then ignore what’s inside for now.

The next thing you have to do is to go through that same elevated doorway you went through near the beginning of this guide. While this will take you back to the kitchen area and the room with the keypad locked door, we’re going to head straight instead. If you keep heading straight from the elevated doorway, you’ll reach a room with a large table. Right next to the table is the red gear. Pick that one up!

The red gear in Piggy Roblox
Another easy-to-find item.

After that, it’s a simple process of heading back the way you came (to the flashlight), and entering the door you unlocked with the cyan key. Inside that room is a place where you can use the red gear. You’ll notice that there’s already another gear installed, which I suppose is the game’s way of telling you to use the item there.

The gears in Piggy Roblox
This’ll be important near the end.

The next thing we need to get is the plank. To grab this item, you’ll need to head back to the area with the keypad locked room. If you find yourself getting lost, make sure to refer to an earlier part of the guide.

From there, head up the flight of stairs you went through earlier, only instead of going up the second flight of stairs, enter the door to your left.

Door to the left in Piggy Roblox
This one’s after the first flight of steps.

From there, head left and enter the door at the end of the hall. That’s the only room there, so it’s impossible to get lost. Ignore everything inside that room aside from the plank.

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Once you’ve gotten what you need, head back out, go up the second flight of stairs, and you’ll see that you can place the plank to act as a bridge.

Plank bridge in Piggy Roblox
Time to cross.

Once past the plank bridge, don’t bother entering any of the rooms. Instead, in the corner in the far right is the gold key. Pick that up!

Gold key in Piggy Roblox
I love go-o-o-old!

From here, you’ll need to head back to the basement area. There are a few ways to get there, and since you’re in the third floor, I would recommend going through the plank bridge and finding that little opening I was talking about earlier in the guide. It should drop you close to the area with the keypad locked door. From there, the basement is easy enough to get to.

In the basement you’ll find a safe that needs to be opened with the gold key. Within you’ll find the keycode, which you can then use on the keypad locked door.

Basement with safe in Piggy Roblox
This’ll be useful.

Wait, we’re not done???

Unfortunately, while you’ve managed to deal with the keypad, you’ll still need a wrench to deal with the control panel. And uh, in case you were wondering why you’re trying so hard to open that door, it’s the Exit. Yeah, you can see why it’s so important.

Still though, it’s not too far off now. What you need to do is head back up the two flights of stairs to where you opened the door with the red key. I didn’t mention it earlier, but the wrench can be found in this room. I didn’t want you to pick it up yet since you might leave it somewhere!

Wrench in Piggy Roblox
The wrench is incredibly useful.

Once you’ve picked up the wrench, pass through the plank bridge once more and open the door to the right.

Door to the right in Piggy Roblox
Head on over there!

Within that room, you’ll find a little control panel you can use your trusty wrench on. Once that’s done, head back down to the keypad locked door and use your wrench on the control panel. Not quite done yet, though!

The next thing you have to do is head back to the basement with the creepy pods. Since there’s only one basement it’s pretty easy to find. Once in that room, you’ll notice an item there I told you to ignore earlier — the green gear.

The green gear in Piggy Roblox
Almost there!

The final stretch!

Okay! Now that you’ve got the green gear, it’s time to go back to the beginning with the flashlight. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if you knew your way around pretty well. Of course, next to the flashlight is the area with the gears. Place the green gear there, and the well next to the flashlight will produce the white key.

The well in Piggy Roblox
The last item!

Believe it or not you’re just about done!

Make the victory lap to the keypad locked door one more time, and use the white key.

Sweet victory in Piggy Roblox
We are SO free!

You’re free! You’re finally free! Congratulations. I know the whole thing was probably difficult to follow what with the bot.exe following you around! Fortunately, stopping him is as easy as using your decoy or running about in circles.

If you’re having trouble because the bot.exe is freaking you out, it’s okay to take rests. There’s no need for you to finish this level if it’s causing too much stress. That said, the jumpscares aren’t really a big deal. If you want to remove a lot of the fear factor that comes from them, you can just mute the game.

Otherwise, you won’t have too much trouble dealing with House.exe. Sure, it might be kind of scary on the surface, but once you’re used to having that thing chase you around, it’s really no problem.

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