Haze Piece: How To Solve Venom Puzzle Guide

The Venom Puzzle in Haze Piece
Looks very infinity stone-ish.

Hey you, yeah, you! Are you looking for a Roblox game that you can really sink your teeth into? Perhaps something with plenty of different islands and worlds, lots and lots of cool attacks, and is based off of your favorite anime? Well then, Haze Piece has all of that and more. In this piece — which I’m going to call the “How to Solve Venom Puzzle Guide,” we’re going to be doing just that! So, without further ado, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this guide!

How To Solve Venom Puzzle Guide

The first thing we have to figure out is the location of the Venom Puzzle. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to find, though you’ll have to keep an eye out on the level requirements. The island just arrived with the brand-new update, which you’ll see right here:

New Island Update in Haze Piece
Pretty creepy. And venom-y.

Pretty spooky, huh? In any case, if you’re having trouble looking for this island, all you have to do is check your map. In fact, that’s a handy tip for pretty much anything you have to do in the game. If there’s anything you need to look for, always check your map.

Let’s have a look at the map and you’ll see that I’m at the upper left:

The Map in Haze Piece
Definitely not getting lost!

Easy enough, right? Well then, now that you’ve arrived, it’s time to look for the area with the Venom Puzzle. It’s pretty easy to find, as it’s a little entrance in the middle of the island. We’ve also got a guide on Cake Island if you’re interested!

In case you’re having a difficult time, the general direction is right here:

Venom Directions in Haze Piece
Just follow the red arrow!

Once there, all you have to do is head to the little cave entrance — is it a cave? I guess it’s more like a ruin, but anyways, it’s easy to spot:

Middle of the island in Haze Piece
I know this didn’t need an arrow, but hey, I like arrows.

Of course, much like any other puzzle in any game, it’ll require you to do a few things to solve it. The very first step to solving the Venom Puzzle is to offer Venom Fruit to the door. It even goes out of the way to ask, so you’ll never feel lost trying to solve this puzzle.

SIDE NOTE: Haze Piece can get pretty complicated, so we’re here to help you out with this complete guide to Presents!

Venom Puzzle Interaction 1 in Haze Piece
You could’ve just told me you were hungry.

Of course, since Haze Piece is based off of the legendary One Piece, it all has to do with the use of various Devil Fruits. The Venom Fruit is one such fruit, and you can think of it as a class in the game. It’s a fruit that allows you to utilize various skills related to the fruit in question.

How do I get the Venom Fruit?

There are a few solutions:

  • Purchase it from the Fruit Vendor NPC – This is one of the easiest ways to get Venom Fruit, but keep in mind that it’s a legendary rarity fruit. That means the Fruit Vendor won’t always have this fruit in stock.
  • Have it drop randomly in the world – I would not recommend this method, as it could take you quite a while to get what you want. Still though, if you spend a lot of time playing the game, there’s always a chance that it drops for you sooner rather than later. You might even get lucky and get the Leopard Fruit! We have a guide for the Leopard Fruit if you’re interested.
  • Utilize the Gacha System – This one is interesting, because the gacha system of this game allows you to spin 5 times, with a random chance of receiving various fruits. Once you’ve used the gacha system 5 times, you’ll have to wait 12 hours for reset.

So yeah, it isn’t actually easy to get the Venom Fruit, but it’s well worth it. Once you get the fruit, it’s time to solve that puzzle!

Solving the Venom Fruit Puzzle

The door puzzle itself is extremely easy. Once you’ve given the door your Venom Fruit, all you have to do is set the colors as follows: Purple, Blue Orange.

The Door Puzzle in Haze Piece
Pretty easy!

Now that you’ve done that, the door will give you the next order of business: killing the Venom Boss 20 times. As far as where to find this Venom Boss, step outside the cave/ruin, look to your right, then up. You’ll find it by flying over to this area:

Venom Boss Location in Haze Piece
Time to meet your destiny!

Looks like you’ve got a fight ahead of you! Well, the good news is the fact that you’re already on this island is proof enough that you’ve become stronger. When I went after this Venom Boss, he was a bit of a pushover. Use the strongest skills in your arsenal to take him out (20 times) like so:

Fighting the Venom boss in Haze Piece
Can’t talk, meeting my destiny and all.

The Venom Puzzle Guide Prize

Let’s say you’ve gone through the effort of eradicating that poor boss 20 times: good job! Feeling pretty accomplished? You should be, since you’re about to receive a pretty great item in the form of the Venom Crown.

Venom Crown in Haze Piece
FEAR THE LICH KIN—wait, wrong game.

This crown is no joke! Not only does it add 5000 health to your HP pool, but it also allows you to walk on water! Sure, it might have taken quite a bit of effort to deal with the Venom Boss 20 times, but I’d say that was well worth it.

Oh, while you’re here: Can’t get enough of Haze Piece? Niether can I, so here’s a guide on the recent Dragon Hybrd Update!


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