Pilgrammed: Rebirth Guide

Fish with your friends, cut down your foes.

Pilgrammed is a Roblox game that lets you explore an unknown world that’s just begging to be looted and conquered in no specific order. You do this by either using swords or spears, choosing the way of the gun and completely disrespecting your foes who wish to fight honorably, or indiscriminately casting magic missiles to no end as a mage.

If you ever made the mistake of choosing magic over owning a firearm then you may want to consider your life choices, but it’s not the end of the world just yet. Starting from scratch is still possible, just go through this guide to find out more!

Rebirth Guide – Pilgrammed

Beginning anew means you have to go through the very short process of Rebirthing, you’ll have to make a pilgrimage across the map and find a special character to hit the reset button on you.

So that’s where the game got its name from, clever. There’s no going back from this decision regardless if it’s a joke mechanic or not so keep that in mind before you proceed.

The place you’ll be headed to is south of the Eastern Sea, the easiest way to get there would be to sail all the way down from the Forest.

You’re heading the right way if you ever come across the Eggroost Observatory. The landscape is much more unforgiving now so don’t deviate from the path too much unless you know how to swim your way out of a maelstrom.

Once you get past Estascosas Isle you’ll arrive shortly at The Backdoor. This is where Mega Death is chilling around, waiting for people like you to actually request a Rebirth.

Go through the dialogue and say yes to everything if you know what you’re doing and before you know it, your head will roll off and you’ll wake up in Dead Man’s Grotto.

For the trouble that you went through, you’ll receive a Tuxedo, Fedora, and a Soul Fragment in return. This item will grant you a 50% bonus EXP upon killing enemies and can be stacked 5 times.

You can tell how easy things will get after a few more rebirths due to how broken this accessory is. Just think of it as your reward for Prestige Mode!



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