Nightingale’s Patch 0.1.1 Finishes Rolling Out – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Fixes and changes galore!

Nightingale Patch 0.1.1

A few hours have passed since we warned players about server downtime in Nightingale. Now, with the servers back up, Patch 0.1.1 has been released! We’ll be running through some of the biggest changes and most helpful fixes, so sit tight while your game updates and then enjoy the new update!

Patch Notes for 0.1.1

First, we’ll look at the newest bug fixes. It’s never fun to encounter a glitch in your game, but with Nightingale still in Early Access, it’s understandable that you might come across some. After all, it’s still in development! But, since they’re not exactly ideal, here are some of the bug fixes in the new patch:

  • Crash fixes! Your game should now no longer crash when heading to The Watch, mining, or chopping trees (among other things) – lumberjacks rejoice!
  • Some anti-virus programs were stopping Nightingale from launching, but no more!
  • Crashes, progression blocking, and bad states while in the Byway Realms (the tutorial) have been addressed.
  • Return of the Legs! Removing Trapper’s Shoes (Critter) and “Calcularian Boots” was causing some players’ legs to turn invisible. They’ve been reattached with no issue.
  • Good news for the architects: the Pagoda foundation brick top and bottom are aligning now! Us perfectionists can breathe easily again.
  • Anaesthesia in action: players no longer make sounds of pain when their Gear Score increases (maybe it’s just really sore, though, what do we know?).
  • Irritated by some of the farming mechanics? Simple Plant Box and Plant Box seed growth has now been fixed!
  • Crude Peaked Roof, Crude Peaked Corner Roof, and Desert Roof have been made thoroughly waterproof – no more rain getting in!
  • Multiplayer fans, you can now remap the push-to-talk key! Now your friends won’t be forced to listen every time you sneeze.
  • Some fixes for controller users, including navigating through greeting screens, removing map markers, rotating your character in Character Creation, and rotating blueprints!
  • Mary Poppins no longer: gliding with the umbrella won’t increase your player power levels any more.
  • Puck’s dialogue now matches the written text before you go through the portal to The Watch – stop improvising, Puck!
  • Good news for those of us who hate being mean to NPCs – you can now apologise to Danu. We’re sorry, Danu!
  • Several fixes to Character Creation, including stopping those pesky moustaches from stretching alongside faces. I may not know how facial hair works, but I know it doesn’t work like that!
  • Collecting items when swimming doesn’t cause your character to grow a third hand anymore.
  • Crafting with specific animal fibres/hides causes appearance changes to the crafted item – I don’t know about you, but I’m finding a way to rock a full leopard-print ‘fit.
  • You can no longer use Chitin as a replacement for bone or hide – it’s just not the same!
  • The Pocket Watch now matches server time
  • Re-opening portals should now show your previously played Realm Cards
  • Recipes will no longer appear as craftable when you don’t have all the ingredients
  • Finally, some additions, updates, and changes to game localisation!

Game Changes

You didn’t think this was all going to be about fixing bugs, did you? No, we’ve also got some changes to various areas, including art and visuals, UI, and resources. Here are some of the game changes released with the new patch:

  • Some textures have been updated, including Tiered Plant and Red Mushroom.
  • An adjustment to rock shapes, so you can now tell the difference between a regular rock and one you can smash!
  • Crafting Stations now get a Threatened status when hostile creatures are nearby – you’ll just have to imagine the trembling!
  • Using ESC will now let you leave the crafting and storage menus – no more cries of ‘There’s no escape!’
  • Firearms are cheaper! Now, they cost 100 instead of 1300, so us poor folk can enjoy shooting things too.
  • Some missing resources at Essence Traders have been brought back, as well as prices and items getting some adjustment.
  • Balance changes for Shockwave Spell, Magic, and Resource drops.
  • You’ll no longer take damage while loading after ‘Return to Respite’ – the journey should not be that perilous!
  • Ancestors in Character Creation won’t automatically have strong makeup – Granddad’s dreams of becoming a drag queen have been thoroughly squashed.
  • Crafting Colourful Glass now requires (shockingly) Glass!
  • Missing icons have been returned, including for Clothing, Twitch Drops, and Guns.
  • You’ll now be informed when players leave or get kicked from a party – embarrassing, but it happens!
  • Critter Eotens have stopped dropping meat and bones when they die, and now correctly drop wood. I don’t want to know where they got meat and bones from…
  • Hunt Site of Power now only has one Bishop and one Knight Automaton, instead of a random combo.
  • Nvidia DLSS frame generation has been disabled due to causing GPU crashes. You can turn it back on if you want, though!
  • FSR upscaling is back! FSR frame generation is still unavailable due to stability issues, however.

While that may have covered some of the biggest changes, there are still plenty more! Check out the full Patch Notes to get the most in-depth idea of what’s new, and keep an eye on our Nightingale tag for more news and guides!


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