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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: All Rare Candy Locations

Level up your Pokemon with the Rare Candy!

Rare Candy is a medicine candy that was first introduced in Generation I. Giving this candy to your Pokemon will instantly level them up by 1. This guide will show you all the rare candy locations in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Route 207

The 1st Rare Candy is on top of the cliff on Route 207. You can find the 2nd Candy on the Wayward Cave. Keep going north and then west until you reach the area with two trainers. The 3rd Candy is on Eterna City, talk to Professor Rowan’s assistant and he will give you the Rare Candy. 

The 4th Candy is on the Solaceon Ruins, on the bottom floor. You can find the 5th candy on the top floor of Galactic HQ in Veilstone City. The 6th Candy is near the lake on Route 214. You can find the 7th Candy on the Valor Lakefront

Great Marsh

Enter the Great Marsh and go to Area 1 to find the 8th Candy. The 9th candy is located on the swamp near the entrance to Route 212. You can find the 10th candy on the western part of Mount Coronet

The 11th candy is in the Foggy Area of Mount Coronet. You can find the 12th candy near the lake on Route 218 and the 13th candy on the Grand Underground in Iron Island

Ramanas Park

You can find The 14th candy in the Underground area of Ramanas Park. The 15th candy can be found on the top part of Mount Coronet while the 16th candy can be found in the eastern part of Mount Coronet

You can find 4 Candies on Victory Road and one on Route 224. The 21st candy is next to the tree that you can cut and the 22nd is near the bush on a house on Route 225. You can find another candy on Route 228 and the last candy can be found in the southern part of Stark Mountain.

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