Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Catch Iron Valiant

Find out how to catch Iron Valiant real quick.

Iron Valiant is one of the newly introduced Pokemon in this generation. Aside from that, it is also a Paradox Pokemon. While Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are still new, the game still has not confirmed if Iron valiant is a relative of Gardevoir and Gallad from the future.

Since Iron Valiant is a Paradox Pokemon, it means that it has an exclusive Pokemon counterpart from the opposite version of the game. In this case, Iron Valiant is a Pokemon Violet exclusive one.

That being said, there is only a chance of you seeing an Iron valiant if you are playing in Pokemon Violet. But that is not that easy. This Pokemon is a little difficult to find. This will only appear during the post-game.

Despite that, we want to tell you how to easily catch Iron Valiant once you reach the post-game of Pokemon Violet.

How to Catch Iron Valiant in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Source: Techno Trainer

As mentioned before, Iron Valiant can only be encountered during the post-game of Pokemon Violet. This only means that you have already seen and watched the credits at least one time to be able to meet this new Pokemon.

Once you have already done that, go to the Zero Gate and interact with the portal.

Source: Techno Trainer

In there, choose Research Station No. 3.

Source: Techno Trainer

Once you have already arrived here, head straight toward the gigantic tree in the middle. But before you reach the tree, take a left turn in this gap between big chunks of rocks.

As you go on, you will eventually be entering a dark cave that will reveal another open area at the end of the path.

Go search the surroundings until you see an Iron Valiant.

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