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RESURGENCE Bio-Research Guide – Icarus

The Bio-Research mission requires bio-samples. Now, where are they at?

Icarus has new missions for players to enjoy. One of the new missions in Icarus is the Bio-Research mission where you need to get multiple bio-samples. This guide will help you locate and collect all the bio-samples for this mission. 

How to complete the Resurgence: Bio-Research – Icarus

Before you start, make sure you have good armor equipped, enough food, and a campfire for the mission. 

After starting the mission, you will be in L12. Place a marker in between L11 and M11 and head there. 

You will find a huge rock covered in the grass on the marker. Get the first flower on the rock and quickly head towards the next Bio-sample. 

The next bio-sample is in 08, so start sprinting north after getting the first flower. 

As you make your way through 08, make sure to collect materials and resources along the way. 

You will find a lake here and you should look at a huge rock near the lake. There is a rotting corpse of a deer here. 

Interact with the deer and start going south to 010. 

Before you cross to 011, be sure to rest up and use your Bedroll in the cave on the area. After resting up, keep going south, following the path to 012.

If you keep following this path, you will reach the Arctic Biome in 013. You will find a small cave in 014 and the bio-sample is right next to it.  There is a small hole in N14 which contains the third bio-sample, a dead plant

After getting the sample, head west and follow this trail until you go back to the Forest Biome. When you enter the Forest Biome, start heading north until you reach your dropship. 
Enter your dropship and you will complete the Resurgence mission!

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