Pokemon Scarlet And Violet – Leafeon Location

Find the adorable Leafeon by using this guide.

Eevee is an adorable little Pokemon that many can agree is the second most iconic Pokemon next to Pikachu. After all, it does share some similarities with the yellow Pokemon. Small size, adorable eyes, fuzzy fur, and an all around cheerful voice. The reason why Eevee is iconic is not because of its appearance, but because of its ability to evolve into different types of Pokemon. There Flareon the fire type, Vaporeon the water type, Jolteon the water type, and Leafeon the grass type, which is our main focus in this guide.

Leafeon Location – Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Go to areas with a lot of trees

Leafeon is one of the hardest Pokemon to catch. There are only two areas where you can find Leafeon, and it is mostly surrounded by trees. According to its Pokedex entry, however, you can find Leafeon sleeping while photosynthesizing. You can take advantage of this by going when it is daytime.

Another way of getting a Leafeon is by catching an Eevee and evolving it by using a Leaf Stone, but that’s only if you want to deal with having to find a Leaf Stone.

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