How To Get To Alfornada In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Take a trip to Alfornada with this guide.

Pokemon features a lot of regions in the world, all that have their own different towns and cities, as well as different culture that are all based off of real world locations. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s region, Paldea, is based off of the Iberian Peninsula, which is the a part of Europe that’s composed of Spain and Portugal. With the beautiful Iberian Peninsula as the new inspiration of the region, we can expect incredible sights around, especially the cities and towns like Alfornada. In this guide, we show you how to get to Alfornada in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet – How to Get to Alfornada

Go to the cave entrance located south west of South Province (Area Two)

There is a cave entrance south west of Cortondo, which is next to the South Province (Area Two).

You can find the cave entrance here, which is a path to West Province (Area One). Go inside the cave and follow the path.

Follow the path to Alfornada

Follow the path that leads to the other end of the cave and outside. You will have to jump down and go up a slope that leads to a rock bridge. You will be entering South Province (Area Six) when you step foot on the bridge.

Follow the path up the rock bridge until it leads you into Alfornada Cavern. On the other side of this cavern is the exit that will lead you to Alfornada.

Alfornada will be visible the moment you step out of the cavern. It is directly ahead of you, so just go straight towards the town and you will have successfully made it to the town of Alfornada.

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