Portal 2 Surprising New Update Removing the Workshop Level File Size Limit

No more small levels in Portal 2. Update removing file size limit!

ValvePortal 2 developers have always made their games available in the Steam Workshop. The Steam Workshop is basically a modding place for enthusiastic players or creators.

Portal 2 has always struggled with a deficiency in content in all mods or custom maps. The game was short itself, which frustrated many players, as players had to switch out custom levels quite frequently.

However, that might not be the case anymore.

With the newest update to Portal 2 on 19th of May, 2021, the Workshop level file size limit, which was previously 100MB was removed. This means that there are no more restrictions when it comes to how big the maps, mods, and levels should be for Portal 2.

This is great news both for the players and the creators as well. We expect some interesting new levels are on the horizon. Slowly, the anticipation of the players is building up as well.

Along with the removal of the file size limit, there were a couple of other notable fixes and changes to Portal 2:

  • The demo playback for Workshop map was fixed.
  • Lights were disabled for the rest of the game session on custom maps is now fixed.
  • The model viewer and face poser were not opening before, that is not the case anymore.
  • Rendering optimizations, and other stability related improvements.

There are also other changes which are way too technical, but the point is that this wasn’t a small update. Mostly, the focus was put on Workshop stuff, which is expected, since most of the current player base is mostly playing the game with Workshop content.

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