Minecraft Dungeons: How to Play Hidden Depths DLC For Free

Hidden Depths for FREE?

To say that Minecraft Dungeons is action-packed is an understatement. The spinoff of the original blockbuster Minecraft, now has a new DLC on the horizon called Hidden Depths, and what is most interesting about it is the fact that it can be played for free. With anticipation so high, it came to a surprise to many that the Hidden Depths DLC can be played for free. Today, we will show you how to play Hidden Depths DLC for free!

How to Play Hidden Depths DLC For Free – Minecraft Dungeons

To clarify, Hidden Depths in Minecraft Dungeons is not exactly free. The way in which it can be played for free involves someone who actually owns the DLC.

So, if you join a player or a buddy which already has Hidden Depths, you can play the new missions in the DLC for free. However, if you want to play a solo session, the DLC must be bought. The point is, anyone that owns Hidden Depths can invite players who don’t have the DLC and play it together.

In addition, all of the items and gear that is acquired will be available for the non-DLC players, even if they don’t own the new additional content.

What is included in the Hidden Depths DLC? There are quite a few new additions with the latest DLC:

  • Three new missions that are underwater;
  • New foes and enemies implemented;
  • All-new gear, weapons, items, and artifacts;
  • New baby turtle pet;
  • Two new skins.

So, all of the anticipation is not for nothing. It is interesting how Minecraft Dungeon’s developers have made the new DLC available to experience for all players. Quite impressive.

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